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McDonald's Protest Pledge

McDonald's policy of suing any person or organisation who criticises them has seriously backfired. Instead of quashing London Greenpeace's small-scale protests, they have spent £5 million making What's Wrong With McDonald's the most famous and widely-distributed protest leaflet in history.

More than a million and a half copies of the leaflet have been handed out since the writs were served in 1990, and thousands of people across the world have pledged to continue distributing this information whatever the verdict in the McLibel trial. Please add your name to the list below.

The leaflets that are now being circulated are not the same as those that the McLibel 2 are being sued over - some of the more polemic cartoons and headlines have been taken out.
Please print of, photocopy and distribute these leaflets as widely as possible.

1. I oppose McDonald's exploitation of workers, consumers, children, animals and the environment.

2. I oppose McDonald's efforts to silence criticism.

3. I pledge to circulate anti-McDonald's information whichever the verdict in the McLibel Trial.

I will distribute leaflets after the verdict
I will distribute information on the Internet after the verdict
I will organise an 'adopt-a-store' at my local McDonald's
Pledgers will be contacted near the end of the trial and a network of distribution set up.

All information supplied will be treated with complete confidentially and will only be used by the McLibel Support Campaign.
Remember: they can't sue us all