Ready to print leaflets

Get involved - with these PDF files you can print out the current campaign leaflets and help to get the message to those without Internet access.

Note: You will need to download Acrobat or use a similar PDF compatible application to print or view the PDF file provided.

Also available in 'ready-to-print' PDF files:
There is a PDF of a leaflet about Shell Oil with the highly original title; 'What's Wrong With Shell Oil?'
Not leaflets, but also available in PDF, are the MSC stickers ( A4 or Letter size) and the all new McSpotlight version ( A4 or Letter size) You will need to find a supply of A4 or Letter single lables (yellow or red being the best). If you can't get hold of the printer lables required you can purchase the printed stickers from our Fundraising and Merchandise page.

Web viewable leaflets

The following leaflets are in HTML format and although they can viewed and printed using your current web browser, they will not be formated on the paper in the same way as they appeared on the orginal printed leaflets.

We also have anti-McDonald's leaflets in; Croatian, Chez, Iclandic, Polish, Russian, Serbian and Turkish. They are currently only available in hardcopy from the McLibel Support Campaign but we intend to place them online as soon as possible.

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