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October 18 - 28 October

Each week McSpotlight will bring you the latest news on worldwide protests and campaigning events against McDonald's and other multinationals.

    Albert v Ronald In Battle Of The Burger

    Sat 19 October 1996
    The Independent

    [National coverage on the (now infamous) Camden debacle.]

    Greenbelt Association Sues To Stop McDonald's

    5th October 1996; USA
    Patriot News
    [Protestors say Township was wrong to approve plans for fast-food restaurant.]

    Late Night Joy For Big Mac

    Thursday 24 October 1996; UK
    Camden New Journal

    Fast food giant McDonald's was finally granted a late night licence for their King's Cross branch by Camden licensing committee on Tuesday at the third attempt. Chairman Ernest James noted inspectors had found a fire escape blocked, and warned the restauarant to take action.

    Eco Soundings

    Wednesday 23 October 1996; UK
    The Guardian; by John Vidal

    As the epic "McLibel trial moves into its closing stages, the giant corporation must wrestle with the new tactics of unruly fleas which ceaselessly bite its body.

    Campaigners are now shameslessly blocking Big Mac's applications for 'night cafe' licences - and a team of nine executives, including a barrister, a planning consultant and a phalanx of solicitors, has so far failed to get round the objections of one man. And if the licenceis eventually granted? It seems there will be an application made for a High Court judicial review.

    McLibel Press Release

    Tuesday 29 October 1996; UK
    McLibel Support Campaign

    [Press release outlining the Record Breaking case!]

    McSpotlight Press Release

    Tuesday 29 October 1996; UK
    McInformation Network

    [Press release outlining McSpotlight's recent activity.]

    Ten Days That Shook The Corporation

    Tuesday 29 October 1996; UK
    McLibel Support Campaign

    [Comprehensive details of the recent Day of Solidarity and the World Day of Action.]

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