13 June - 19 June 1996

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Vegan Big Mac picnic

There was a vegan picnic outside a McDonald's in Wellington (New Zealand) recently.

McGarbage sets sail in Sydney Harbour

June 1996
Stanmore, Sydney

Stanmore residents are fighting to prevent an extension to a local McDonald's which would increase traffic noise and pollution problems. An enormous amount of rubbish from this profits-before-people organisation already ends up in Sydney Harbour.

McDonald's sponsorship offer rejected

22 June 1996

The Huddersfield annual Anti-Discrimination Festival (organised by Unity at Huddersfield University Students Union) was held on 22nd June with free admission.

There was a creche, beer tent, stalls and two stages - one for local, unsigned acts, and one for national acts 12,000 people attended this third year of the festival.

About two weeks beforehand, McDonald's offered 400 pounds to sponsor the creche - apparently 'publicity free'. The organisers were desperately in need of cash for the event at the time. Then someone from the the Communications Department at the northern regional office in Salford met them - he talked about the possibility of McDonald's increasing their sponsorship over time.

The organising committee "politely said no" - some of them are against McDonald's, and they all thought that some of the bands might pull out if McDonald's sponsored anything. Also, they found out later that the West Yorkshire area NUS (National Union of Students) have a policy of not being involved with the company.

The sponsors of this year's festival were mostly local companies all giving small amounts. The organisers expect that McDonald's will try again to get their foot in the door next year.

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