24th February - 1st March 1996

Each week McSpotlight will be bringing you the latests news on worldwide protests and campaigning events against McDonald's and other multinationals.

Canada - 'Eat Fast, Die Young' say students

  • The Student Coalition Against McDonald's in British Columbia, Canada mounted several protests in January and February against the burger giant.

    On 28 January the Coalition successfully hoisted a banner on to the window of the newly-opened University of British Columbia branch of McDonald's. "Grease - Eat Fast, Die Young," it read.

    On Valentine's Day, 14 February, the Student Coalition Against McDonald's again showed where their hearts were. 'Love good food, not profits', said a banner.

    At the same protest a pantomime cow was seen throwing pies at Ronald McDonald. The cow told reporters: "This is what I think of the millions of dollars McDonald's spends thrusting a meat-centred diet down people's throats." Free vegetarian food was given to passers by.

    Nottingham picketers target two stores

    Nottingham, UK, 24 February:
  • About a dozen people protested at two McDonald's stores in Nottingham, as part of a regular picketing campaign. Three thousand 'What's Wrong with McDonald's' were handed out.

    Picket - Brixton McDonald's, South London

  • Protestors picketed this branch of McDonald's on 1 March - expect more details when we get them.

    McDonald's lose London battle over new store

    London, 1 March:
  • Jubilant local residents in the London district of East Finchley celebrated McDonald's decision not to continue its push to open a 190-seat store at its European headquarters there.

    The company decided to withdraw its appeal against the local council's decision, taken in July 1995, to refuse planning permission for the new store. McDonald's plan has been strongly opposed by local residents who formed the 'Campaign Against McDonald's at East Finchley'. The residents were concerned that the store would cause traffic chaos and litter problems, and that McDonald's litter would be strewn across Cherry Tree Wood, a 'lovely park' nearby.

    Drive-thru application refused in London

    North Finchley, London:
  • The Hendon and Finchley Times reports this week that McDonalds' planning application for a drive-thru at a new leisure complex being built near the North Circular road was refused by the local council. The paper states that McDonald's is not going to appeal against the decision.

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