6th - 16th February 1996

Each week McSpotlight will be updating you on worldwide events involving McDonald's, McLibel and multinationals in general.

McLibel Press Releases

  • The McLibel Support Campaign sent out two new press releases - one announcing the launch of a certain McSpotlight Web site - and the other heralding the start of the rainforest section of the trial.

    Lawyers Conference

  • Dan Mills, of the McLibel Support Campaign, spoke at the Critical Lawyers Conference at Keele University about the legal aspects to the McLibel case. Also present was top lawyer Michael Mansfield QC.

    McLibel Volunteers Meeting

  • McLibel Support Campaign volunteers met on Thursday 8 February in London. Those present pledged to 'adopt' their local McDonald's store - leafleting it on a day of action or at the end of the trial.

  • A Kentucky Fried Chicken store in Bangalore, southern India, was closed for the second time this week (the first being due to the discovery of excessively high monosodium glutamate levels) when 100 farmers ransacked it.

    The farmers were protesting at what they saw as the detrimental effects of fast-food chains introducing factory farming and cattle slaughterhouses into the country. There were several arrests reported, and protest continued in surrounding areas, with roadblocks set up to show support for those detained by police.