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19 June - 26 June 1996

McDonald's gives Tutu the push

26th June 1996, Australia

The AFL (that is Australian Football League) has been running a promotions campaign for the game based on notable people form around the world coming onto to the screen and saying inane things like "A game that scores behinds? I'd like to see that!".

One of the notables that they conned into this was Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Now the good bishop promoting a sport is one thing - but McDonald's have managed to pervert the spirit of the thing. McDonald's is one of the AFL's sponsors. Now they are running an TV advert which starts off as if it was Tutu endorsement ad and then cuts to a McDonald's girl pushing Tutu to one side saying "Time Out" and then promoting a McDonald's meal with a giveaway chocolate bar called a "Time Out".

It would be interesting if Tutu has given permission for his image to be used in such a way.

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