McDonald's sucks Burger King's better

Posted by: Kristopher T. Loretz ( USA ) on January 23, 1997 at 22:16:50:

It is so true! As a college student, I am a first hand witness
to the outrageous prices and disgusting food that people will submit
themselves to. Want a bite to eat at 7:30,8:30,9:30 at night?

OK, but the cafeteria is closed. Let's go to Mcdonald's. No, I want
Burger King. What about Chinese?...How about an apple? Today's society
(youth especially) allows themselves to be the "lab rats" for fast food
corporations. And, you know what? The food's not really that good.
So why bother? Why not, most of our parents raised us on it anyway.

As a child, I myself had either Burger King, McDonald's or some form
of fast food at least two or three times a week. I thought it was
the greatest thing. But now, when I look at what I ate and sometimes
still eat today...Yeechh! I usually get nautious. But you know what,
for some reason, I don't know why, I'll go back again. Hmmm, Quarter
pounder w/cheese, lge. fries, ooh, and please, a med. choc. shake!
Oh, this is great. Than, five minutes after I stuff the last
greasy, catsup dripping bite into my mouth and wash it down with
a goopy, melted shake, uhh, I feel sick. Why did I do it then?

Because of the propoganda; it was easy; it was fast. I fell into
the American routine, I became to lazy to go to the 24hr Stop & Shop
and by something healthier and prepare it myself. Not something
healthy, because I don't think it exists, just something healthier.

We're all guilty at sometime. We all get lazy at some point in our
lives and choose to go the easy route, the fast[food] route. That's
what we need to fight along w/the corporations, our own self worth,
our own self control, and our own peace of mind. I didn't personally
know the particuliars of all that is going on in this case, actually,

I accidently came across this page on the Internet while doing some
personal research on my own last name, but I just felt the need to
comment on what I had read in this article because it really caught
my attention.

Thanks for your time.

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