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Re: McDonald's sucks Burger King's better

Posted by: Angelica Morales ( Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY ) on April 15, 1997 at 03:55:41:

In Reply to: McDonald's sucks Burger King's better posted by Kristopher T. Loretz on January 23, 1997 at 22:16:50:

: It is so true! As a college student, I am a first hand witness
: to the outrageous prices and disgusting food that people will submit
: themselves to. Want a bite to eat at 7:30,8:30,9:30 at night?

: OK, but the cafeteria is closed. Let's go to Mcdonald's. No, I want
: Burger King. What about Chinese?...How about an apple? Today's society
: (youth especially) allows themselves to be the "lab rats" for fast food
: corporations. And, you know what? The food's not really that good.
: So why bother? Why not, most of our parents raised us on it anyway.

: As a child, I myself had either Burger King, McDonald's or some form
: of fast food at least two or three times a week. I thought it was
: the greatest thing. But now, when I look at what I ate and sometimes
: still eat today...Yeechh! I usually get nautious. But you know what,
: for some reason, I don't know why, I'll go back again. Hmmm, Quarter
: pounder w/cheese, lge. fries, ooh, and please, a med. choc. shake!
: Oh, this is great. Than, five minutes after I stuff the last
: greasy, catsup dripping bite into my mouth and wash it down with
: a goopy, melted shake, uhh, I feel sick. Why did I do it then?

: Because of the propoganda; it was easy; it was fast. I fell into
: the American routine, I became to lazy to go to the 24hr Stop & Shop
: and by something healthier and prepare it myself. Not something
: healthy, because I don't think it exists, just something healthier.

: We're all guilty at sometime. We all get lazy at some point in our
: lives and choose to go the easy route, the fast[food] route. That's
: what we need to fight along w/the corporations, our own self worth,
: our own self control, and our own peace of mind. I didn't personally
: know the particuliars of all that is going on in this case, actually,

: I accidently came across this page on the Internet while doing some
: personal research on my own last name, but I just felt the need to
: comment on what I had read in this article because it really caught
: my attention.

: Thanks for your time.

If the issue to be discussed is McD's vs BK I have to say that, despite the aweful fat to nutrient ratio, BK TASTES BETTER, PERIOD.
I don't go to fast foods a lot (10 times a year, maybe). But when I have a choice I choose BK over McDonalds. The meat tastes and feels real, the lettuce/tomato is usually fresher, the outlets are cleaner and there is generally less infants making a mess out of the experience. McDonald's burgers taste like the meat has been mixed in with paper pulp...
Give me BK any day!!!

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