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What alternative is McSpotlight suggesting?

Posted by: Helen, Oz ( McIndividual, Ozland ) on June 30, 1997 at 11:39:01:

In Reply to: Fight for control of our own lives posted by Cathy on June 27, 1997 at 11:46:03:

Hi, Cathy! Hope you're enjoying the rain in London (and I am not being ironic - where I am, we've been having a drought for several years).
It's interesting what people read into comments. I never suggested it was fair, or unfair, that so many people end up working for multinationals in order to achieve prosperity. It just IS.
It is possible to achieve prosperity in other ways, but one has to be very smart, and already have good resources, to do so.
When you can think of a way to generate prosperity for all, and distribute it fairly, do let us know because the majority of people in the world would welcome it.

The trouble is, not one single system of technology developed beyond the Stone Age technologies of gathering and hunting has guaranteed an equal share for all.
As soon as farming was invented, disparities in wealth developed. And that was more than 6,000 years ago. What is McSpotlight suggesting instead? McDonald's, in contrast to 100 years of failed communism or socialism, has brought a low-cost, easy-to-find, high-energy food to all in a democratic way. Just add a side salad, and you have a complete meal representing all the food groups. Moreover, working for McDonald's has brought work experience, income and a career path to thousands. All this concentration on McDonald's through McLibel and McSpotlight is bizarre.
Is it simply elitist political correctness which is attracting all this attention to McDonald's?

Over to you.

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