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Fight for control of our own lives

Posted by: Cathy ( UK ) on June 27, 1997 at 11:46:03:

In Reply to: Too right posted by Helen, Oz on June 27, 1997 at 11:17:01:

: Mind you, the people who slave away on this Web page will eventually all end up working for large multinationals, having discovered you can't live forever on politically correct propaganda.

If people are forced to end up working for large multinationals even tho they disagree with them, that doesn't prove that such companies are great and a necessity, it proves the opposite. That we have to fight for change so that people do have choices in their lives. So that the majority of people aren't born into a situation as now where they have to work for some exploitative company in order to survive.

The problem the world faces now is that all the power, money and resources (especially land) are concentrated in the hands of a minority, who can therefore force us to work for them in order to earn enough that we don't starve. How can any one see that as just or fair? It is beyond me. What right do those greedy bastards have to control our lives like that?

But anyway, what makes you think the people working on this site don't work elsewhere already?

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