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TV - turn off the bleeding thing

Posted by: Tired of whining on July 05, 1997 at 14:49:46:

In Reply to: Fight for control of our own lives posted by Cathy on June 27, 1997 at 11:46:03:

The question is and always will be (whether it's evil empires, or, conspiratorial alien beings); are you going to allow yourself to play a victim's role in the play? I got nothing from the site as to what possible actions can be taken to see to it that whatever evils were implied can eventually be stopped.

Of course people who have everything to gain by selling you something will do their best to accomplish this. What on earth else would you expect them to do?
If pester power works it is because the adults are a bunch of suckers. If they eat things and don't find out what in fact they are eating all they have to do is stop eating it. Even a rat will starve before it eats something it thinks is poisonous. If there is too much advertising by this company at times when children are likely to watch t.v. then turn off the bleeding thing and try something else. So much obvious effort has gone into recapping what a court transcription states, thanks for going to the trouble. But this information comes after improper parenting of 2-8 year olds has been committed, what about telling a chid no we aren't going there? It's our own fault all this is going on. Get off the net for a bit and talk with your children. That'll do more good than pointing out flaws in the site and feeling some sort of intellectual victory.

There are world wide problems everywhere, one of the biggest is assuming multi-national corporations are developed and cultivated to do anything but make as much money off of you as possible before they HAVE to do something else.

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