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Why so hard on McDonalds? - Lots of blame to go round

Posted by: leroy ( canada ) on July 04, 1997 at 19:34:16:

Why is everyone beating up on McDs so much. While I concur it is totally justified, I think there is lots of blame to go around. How about Pepsi Co - the nutrional content of KFCs menu must be even worse than McDs. Or Wendys, who recently avertised a new product "vegetarian" Pita, that featured a sauce that contained gelatin - do they not know where there own products come from? At least Subway realizes that marketing to health concience consumers makes sense, but running commercials comparing the fat content of as ordered Big Macs and Whoppers with some of there subs (with tiny white writing at the bottom of the screen revealing the sub fat content is for a feww of there subs, WITHOUT condiments or cheese) is hardly fair(Whats the fat of a Whopper without cheese and Mayo?). McDonalds dosen't seem like such a bad corporate citizen compared to some of these other paces.

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