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free market rather than free will

Posted by: erskine childers ( ireland ) on July 10, 1997 at 10:21:51:

In Reply to: a bit (okay, a lot) lefty for my taste posted by Vanilla Vengeance on July 09, 1997 at 23:49:25:

: Che--as in Che/JD on all the Pagan BBS's? If it's you, I'm sure not surprised. As a free-speech activist, I think what McDonald's did sucks and will backfire on them for certain. It's an interesting site, a bit (okay, a lot) lefty for my taste, but interesting. Besides, we all know McDonald's isn't good for you, and any Libertarian (that's what I am) with half a brain knows that nuisance lawsuits are STUPID!!!!!! That's what that was--a nuisance! They have only gained a negative image for themselves--why didn't they spend that money on raises or veggieburger mix or SOMETHING?
: Peace, y'all!

"a bit lefty for my liking?" "I'm a libertarian?" - well I'm sorry but where are you coming from 'maaaaaaaan'?

Not to put too fine a point on it - I think, whoops no - I KNOW that you are a LIBERAL - 'why didn't they spend that money on raises or veggieburger mix or SOMETHING' - what is all this? you claim to be a 'an advocate of free will' (that's what a libertarian is) but exhibit all the hallmarks of someone who would rather see the laissez faire attitudes of the free market rather than free will dominate the world - so it's ok for MCD to kill animals, destroy the environment etc and spend a poxy 10 million on their slaves (must work out at something like oooohh well let's see now - oh yeah sweet fuck all if you spread it even to wrokers in one country - unless of course that country happens to have only one store and so you create a small number of quite wealthy ex-workers overnight).

by allowing any institution or company (capital) a greater or more dominant position than an individual then the free will of that individual is repressed and affected - by allowing MCD and their ilk to continue to exploit in any way any aprt of our world then you advocate a reality where people are placed below profits, growth, economics, budgets, cuts, advertising, materialism, roads, sales and sales pitches - in all this is not very libertarian is it?

As to the 'lot lefty' claim - what tosh, the site in american eyes must seem positively commie but then the USofA did uphold those peace loving democracies in Central America like Panama etc until the defenders of democracy such as Noriega suddenly became dictators overnight (this is sarcasm american friends), so basically I wouldn't trust an american opinion on ideology as far as they could spell it.

This site advocates people, individuals, groups, communities taking responsibility and action for themselves - this is not 'lefty' but more in line with an anarchist attitude - more in line with a libertairian attitude allowing the individual the responsibility to create with others a good and viable reality.

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