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Thanks for your words of warning and encouragement

Posted by: Siamak ( UK ) on September 12, 1997 at 15:31:59:

In Reply to: Vignettes and Commentaries posted by Quincunx on September 11, 1997 at 11:37:00:

: Hopefully you don't feel that Siamak is enforcing a dogma upon you or your chidren when he simply posts at this website.If that's imposing then I see a misunderstanding on the part of those who feel he is imposing a dogma.

Yes Quincunx, I was just trying to express my opinion rather than imposing my view but obviously some people don't know the distinction. I have to disagree that it is simply the question of misunderstanding though. The capitalist concept of democracy stops at the point where alternative critical views start. The Capitalist world view can not comprehend or rationally answer criticisms of it's fundamental principles. Hence it dismisses them as "dogma" or calls them other what it regards dregatory terms like "communism" etc. It shows a lot about insecurity of theory doesn't it?

: I feel it's a healthy sign that everything that McDonald's does and is associated with is questioned. If you feel Siamak is petty then I'll have to disagree.

Thanks for your support Quincunx, but dont expect Ms Anon to understand this. After all calling others petty is one of the ways of dealing with criticism when you have run out of rational argument.

: No surprises here. Just observing what (I sense is) an orchestrated assault on Siamak in order to exhaust him.I suspect a public relations firm (or McDonald's Corporation itself) has done psychological profiling and a team effort has been spent on analysing any weak spot he may have. I think Samuel Day Fassbider is another target as well.

I hadn't thought of this. Thanks for warning us all about the possibility. What you say is certainly plausible judging by McD's past record. There is a surprising number of those who pretend to be liberal observers, impartial, neither pro- nor anti-McD, are-here-to-discuss-and-judge-for-themselves, not-have-herd-mentality etc atc here who constantly slam this site and cant take any criticism of McD. And what is interesting is that they all, in different shape and form, reproduce the famous McD moto "Nothing wrong with our food if eaten as a part of a balance diet". Ms anon is one example. You never know, the line may be fed to them somehow. There may be agents amongst them certainly. But some may have been simply influenced by misinformation spread by big corporations.

: P.S.: Siamak: Come over to our website sometime.I like your style.

You see what you have done know. You have upset Ms anon. Did you see how nasty she got with me in her reply to you despite her good non-presuming nature? Well, at the risk of upsetting her even more, tanks for the invitation. I have already visited your site. Good discussions are going on. Will participate time permitting.

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