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Food glorious food

Posted by: Matt Stone ( Australia ) on September 24, 1997 at 17:19:43:

1. Meat eating is good for you.

Look at the great cuisines of the world; French, Italian, Chinese: what do they all have in common? They are all based around meat in its many wonderful forms, and have been for as long as anyone can remember.
Surely they can’t all be wrong.

2. McDonald's animals are well cared-for.

Animals such as cows and pigs would often suffer in the wild a lot more than in captivity. They would be continually on the lookout for predators and suffer from ongoing food and water shortages. McDonald’s, as a large organisation, has probably made mistakes in regard to the treatment of animals, but so has any large abbatoir or farm.

3. McDonald's provides good, cheap food.

Look at the basic common food of almost any major culture, and you will find more or less the same basic formula that you find in a McDonald’s hamburger: Carbohydrates, meat, fat and seasonings.
A bowl of noodles eaten by a Chinese peasant follows this formula, as does a bowl of spaghetti eaten by an Italian farm laborer or indeed the roast dinner of an English factory worker.
As regards health and hygiene; go into the kitchen of even the fanciest restaurant (even a vegan one), and you will occasionally see unhygienic food practices.

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