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What did McDonalds do wrong?

Posted by: Aaron ( Gillette, Wyoming, USA ) on November 22, 1997 at 11:40:25:

Why are all these McDonald Protesters pesamest. Why don't they look at all the good stuff that McDonalds does for the people. Havent they ever head of The Ronald McDonald House that helps thasands of kids every year or how about Ronald McDonald Children Chearites are they "evil" to. How about all the donations they give. Remember when there were all those flods and Roy Krocs wife (the founder of McDonalds) gave her own money, 15 million dallors to help the people. I bet there was a few Protesters there that willing to take the money to help there familys.

McSpotlight notes:

Have a look at the McDonald's charitable activity page.

Also, I hardly think that what the wife of the (dead) founder of the company does with her personal money is relevant.

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