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Forgive me if I miss a point or two

Posted by: Dan on December 04, 1997 at 16:47:05:

In Reply to: Why should people toil for some fat cat's benefit? posted by The Everett Citizen on December 04, 1997 at 10:32:39:

OK, I've had three core dumps in trying to reply to your message so this time I'll do it without keeping your copy and see what happens. Forgive me if I miss a point or two.

All in all Corporations have to answer to investors. No investors = no company = no jobs for anyone (shitty or not). The people at the top have a greater financial investment and expect an appropriate return on this investment. The people at the bottom do not make this investment; therefore, their return is less. No returns on investment = no investors (return to top). If you pay without regard to investment then you dont get returns (return to last line). I think its very fair that the people at the top get paid in multiples in comparison to the people behind the counter. Hell, if they are as bad as you think they are the must be working overtime comming up with new schemes! :-)

Charity: Yes they have to turn a profit, Yes its easier to turn a profit if you have a good image, No they would not do it if it didnt turn a profit because that would lead to consequences (see previous paragraph). I'll Im saying is they have realities that they have to face dont put them in a dammed if you do/dont situation. If they didnt do anything this pace would overflow with "They dont even have a charity" cries. You weaken your position by creating no win criteria to judge.

Environment: I think we're missing each other on this point. Destroying Environment = BAD. I think we can agree on that. As far as propaganda,..... well two cliches come to mind, one on glass houses and the other invovling a pot and a kettle.

If I missed any points Im sure we'll argue over them in the future.

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