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I don't believe I'm being agressive...

Posted by: The Everett Citizen ( IWW, OBU ) on December 06, 1997 at 20:01:57:

In Reply to: You've become so adept at missing the point posted by Stuart Gort on December 06, 1997 at 02:12:10:


As far as the lower case "j", go inventory my posts, and you'll see I'm about 50%-50% on capitalising any names (including Jesus). There was no intentional defamation in it.

As far as agression? When have I been agressive? I ask tough questions that you sometimes answer, and sometimes don't.

Are you saying that you never decided that catholics aren't christians? I can quote direct from your post. But you are right, this is getting tiresome, and I spent an awful lot of time preparing the BIG post of quotes and biblical history, only to have you thank me and promise one in turn, which you have not done.

I choose to talk about the class struggle in biblical terms when discussing it with you not simply to win an arguement, but to try to reach you where you live and think. I feel I have made quite an effort, and feel like you lash out when you start getting uncomfortable with the examples. Oh well, I hope you live a long life, too, so that you have time to accept that earth belongs to us all, and it is mandate that we share it fairly, instead of hoard it for a few.

Mike, the Everett Citizen
P.S. I would be delighted to visit you in Arlington, as I attempted to when you were hospitalized. They told me you'd been discharged. E-mail me some directions to your hanger if you'd like.

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