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Posted by: C. Brace on May 24, 1996 at 19:26:40:


Some of the pages of your website are exceedingly difficult to read because of your color
shemes. This page for example:


black on dark green! It is virtually illegible. How about good old black on white?

Are you trying to discourage people from reading this stuff?...

I am using IBM WebExplorer.


McSpotlight replies:

You will probably not be surprised to hear that we've had quite a few emails like yours. The problem seems to be that quite a lot of the pages were designed using macs and relatively good monitors. It wasn't until the site went live that we realised that what looks extremely legible to us is often almost impossible to read for people using certain combinations of PCs and monitors (esp those with less than 256 colours, which can sometimes not handle the background colour, and instead make a dotty pattern).

Increasing the number of colours on your monitor may help. As may increasing the contrast/ brightness.

We are looking into this, and hope to have made the pages legible to _everybody_ in the near future. For now we can just apologise and offer to pay for your optician charges :-)

Thanks very much for writing.

Best wishes,

P.S. "Are we trying to discourage people from reading this stuff?" -
ummmmmmm, no.

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