Re: Why don't you just not eat there?

Posted by: Alice Melvin ( Teacher, Canada ) on May 30, 1996 at 14:33:03:

In Reply to: Why don't you just not eat there? posted by Parker Matthews on May 24, 1996 at 19:28:32:

: I'm not sure I understand. If you don't like mcdonalds, why don't you just not eat there? A company is just
: that, a company. I don't like eating there but I have.

Amazing ...

I guess I should stop trying to educate the children at my school
about the dangers of smoking or doing drugs. After all, if I don't
like smoking or drugs, I should just not take them.
Its not my problem that the children are encouraged to smoke by
the tobacco companies, or pressured to do drugs by drug pushers.
They aren't even my kids so why should I care?

: I'm not sure why you are so angry at them. It's bad food,
: but sometimes it makes you full. Where is all of your
: anger coming from?

I don't see any evidence of anger on this web site, just evidence

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