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Couple of points

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on April 21, 1998 at 10:00:07:

In Reply to: Sex, drugs and ... posted by Gideon Hallett on April 16, 1998 at 12:33:31:


You are pure entertainment. I had a whole reply all done the other
night and I lost it all. Oh well. Couple of points;

I'm as Dutch as one can be and still be born here. Born into an
Americanized Dutch family two full generations off the boat does
not make me Dutch but don't tell any of my father's this without
bring prepared for it. The name Gort is a cognate of Vander Hoort which, because of the very guttural pronounciation became Gort at Ellis
Island in 1925. Grandfather (deceased) was a barley farmer as the name
apparently alludes to. My opinions come from his and my fathers' trips
to the Netherlands to visit relatives and their recollections of those
trips as well as most of my grandfathers' early adulthood. Pardon me
for continuing to disbelieve your accolades of a culture running headlong to hedonistic ruin.

Second point; No Gideon! Not Terence Mckenna! Surely it must seem
to one with self proclaimed open eyes that the man is rationalizing
a liftime of drug abuse with this nonsense of his. Of course, Captain
Cubanis can have wide open eyes (and dilated pupils) but he might be
seeing things that aren't even there. Thats why they're called
hallucinogens. Mulling him over is a serious waste of your mental
faculties but following his example is running the risk of losing it
all. Mark S. (one of those friends) jumped off the Vincent St. Thomas
in Long Beach, CA in the early 1980's. He suffered terrible permanant
psychosis from LSD. He was OK until one fatefull day when he took the
wrong thing and he stayed high for the rest of his short life. The
more I type, the more I resent the position you hold. Tell me Gideon,
if Mark should be free to experiment with drugs and all we can do is
educate him, are you suggesting he got what was coming to him? You see,
Marks' father was a neurosurgeon and Mark always got A'a in school. I
assume he knew the risks as I did (but that didn't stop me either).
What should we do with the worthless person who made this killer batch
of L? Anything? Nothing?

Stuart Gort

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