Serious reallity check needed!

Posted by: John C ( England ) on June 04, 1996 at 15:52:13:

In Reply to: Veggie-Nazis and their silly McSpotlight site posted by Mary Christensen on June 04, 1996 at 15:42:09:

> All you Veggi-Nazi types have done with your silly McSpotlight
> page is make work for a lot of lawyers and drive up the cost of a
> burger. (Lawyers BTW are KNOWN carnivores.)

Veggie Nazism
The charge is often made that vegetarians are like Nazis. Appart from
the fact that this is obviously a reactionary jibe and insult, it is
utter rubbish. Sometimes it is said that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian.
I have researched the idea that Hitler was a vegetarian, and while he
certainly made this claim and it was propagated by his propagandists to
make him look compassionate, it simply is not true.

Firstly: The technical issue exists as to whether one can demonstrate
that all during this alleged period of vegetarianism he never ate any
animal products. Nobody can say what he ate and whether he followed
vegetarian eating principles all the time.
Secondly: Vegetarians usually make the lifestyle change to reduce
suffering, to animals, and also to hungry people in developing
countries. Hitlers regime had no concern for human life, and animals and
humans were used in experiments. Thus neither he and certainly not the
Nazis were vegetarians. They certainly exploited humans and animals in a
most foul manner.

Now, what about vegetarians being fascistic because they want to stop
other people from eating meat? Should they not tolerate meat eating?
There are many good reasons why not;

1. the extra burden that meat eaters create on the health service, which
vegetarians contribute to, but do not benefit from. We also subsidise
animal rearing and farming, which we do not benefit from as meat eaters
do. We vegetarians pay for meat eaters habits, we have a valid financial
gripe. We want justice, and this is a reasonable demand. We have taken
responsible measures that benefit society and future generations.

2. the burden placed on peoples in developing countries who do not
benefit from cattle production. This creates severe social and
environmental problems, famine, possibly war, deforestation and so
forth. Meat really IS murder! It is murder by an unseen and unknowing
economic power, the customer.

3. animals are reared in conditions ironically similar to concentration
camps, which causes trauma to the animals and anguish to concerned
vegetarians. The encouragement by people of brutality, and the
carrying out of brutality to animals speaks of sick minds.

4. employees of fast-food bars are exploited, made obediant, low paid
and "brainwashed", much like the Nazi regime in fact!

5. children are used as pawns to control parents (into buying food)
using propaganda that has a powerful influence on children, another Nazi
like method.

McSpotlight has infomation to back many of the claims above, in great detail.

Those that buy at McDonald's create the economic demand for their
methods and are therefore the cause of the problem. So the charge is a
very bad double standard, and it stinks!

the price goes up?
Perhaps the legal action will put the cost of a burger up. Firstly it is
McDonald's who brought the false charges in the McLibel case, thus it is
a problem of their creation. Secondly, McDonald's have multi million
dollar profits, and do not need to pass the costs of the case onto their

carnivorous lawyers
No human being is, or ever has been a carnivore. This is a crazy
defence put forth by people who choose to eat meat, but know nothing
of human anatomy and biology. True carnivores eat their meat raw and can
tear flesh and have powerful digestive juices to digest the flesh.
Humans must use technological means to overcome their lack of
carnivorous features. Choosing to eat any particular diet does not make
one a biological eater of the chosen diet. Animals do not choose their
diets, but follow instincts, man makes conscious decisions. Humans
suffer great health problems on a meat diet, true carnivores do not.
Humans are apes, which are mainly or completely fruitarian (orang
outang), or herbivorous (gorilla). Chimps will sometimes take a very
small amount of their diet as animal prey. They do not cook such meat,
and are still not digestively equipped to deal with the food healthily.
Choosing to eat a "carnivorous" diet, and being a biological carnivore
(in fact a meat only diet) are different. Anyone who implies otherwise
needs a serious reality check.

John C

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