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Yes. Are you afraid to discuss that?

Posted by: Scrooge on August 04, 1998 at 10:06:50:

In Reply to: So you support fox hunting, Scrooge? posted by Mike on August 03, 1998 at 17:02:21:

: Most people on this forum deserve respect and serious answers -- but you're not worthy of that, asshole.

While I'm not suprised by this response, it does vaguely sadden me. It's not as if I made any unsupported statements. It's not as if I'm attacking you merely because of your views. All I'm doing is holding a very "unfashionable" standpoint. And if you aren't prepared to respond in a considered manner, well then that is your loss not mine.

I happen to think that fox hunting is acceptable. It's not a view I reached without thought, I've considered it carefully and reached a decision. However, since you clearly hold a view from which discussion is not possible, I don't think it's worth my while expounding my views.

I've been to McSpotlight before and had very interesting debates with people who were prepared to give me the time of day. This is after all a "debate" page, not one for backslapping congratulatory posts (at least that is what it says at the top).

So there

p.s. I still want to know whether the dog chose steak or veggies.

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