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Posted by: Reggie ( USA ) on June 25, 1996 at 17:48:07:

In Reply to: CBC coverage of McSpotlight posted by Judy Haiven on June 24, 1996 at 15:21:31:

: We here have heard two interviews on CBC-radio ... with a man called Don Middleburg....
: The gist of his comments are that McSpotlight is dangerous and conveys the wrong
: information and ideas about McDonalds.
: Our questin is who is this man, is he the public relations arm of McD in the US?
: Who is this guy and what is he up to? How come our CBC latched on to him?

Well, I can't answer any of those questions but you can put those questions
and others directly to the makers of those shows by sending email to CBC.

There are loads of email addresses available for CBC shows;
see their own web pages for a list of addresses.

The addresses you need for the programmes mentioned are;-

aih@toronto.cbc.ca "As It Happens"

amradio@regina.cbc.ca "Morning Edition" (Saskatchewan)

Maybe others would also like to email CBC and demand a 'right-to-reply' for
McSpotlight. It is outrageous that an interview can be shown in which McSpotlight
is accussed of being 'unbalanced', while the show itself makes no attempt at
balance itself, by allowing McSpotlight to defend itself.

Huh! traditional media - who needs it anyway!?

P.S. I wrote to McSpotlight about this and they say that they have emailed
the two shows involved and sofar only 'As it happens' have responded and they
said that they would not be able to offer McSpotlight the 'right-to-reply'
because the show is a current affairs show and they can't go back to something
that has already happened. Sounds like bull to me, what made it a current issue
when the interviews were aired?

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