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Contradictions and insults do not an argument make

Posted by: Mike on August 19, 1998 at 17:15:40:

In Reply to: most of us learned that the issues aren't just black and white posted by just myself on August 19, 1998 at 09:26:44:

: and most of us learned that the issues aren't just black and white--we also should have learned to live and let live

You should take your own advice and let animals live. That's the positive spin. The negative is, you should ignore the guy next door
who beats his wife and kids -- "live and let live," as you put it. I think you'd be better off taking a stand on principle.

: --and then of course there is the anti-establishment period in high school and college-are you still stuck there?

I'm happy to say that while I've graduated from college and beyond, I'm
still anti-establishment, if by establishment you mean broadly accepted
institutions like fast-food vendors which push garbage on children, profit-driven corporations which exploit their workers and destroy the environment, factory farms which abuse animals horrendously, political systems controlled by the rich for the benefit of the rich, or...but you don't get the picture.

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