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Defending against moral judgement

Posted by: Stuart Gort ( USA ) on August 24, 1998 at 00:03:21:

In Reply to: What is it you're really defending, Stuart? posted by Mike on August 19, 1998 at 22:24:22:

I'll concede every item related to the excesses of the meat industry
if you withhold any moral judgement of my diet. Sound fair? It
should to any reasonable person. Eating meat requires the death of an
animal at the hands of a man. If you only argue for a more humane way
to do that then we can live together without too much animosity. If you
continue to regard me as immoral for my dietary choices, as you do
with statements like "If you want a better world, act like it" and your
subtle use of the wife beater analogy then understand that your sermon
falls on deaf ears.

With regard to your emotional reaction and therefore repulsion to
the meat industry; I am not so concerned with animals as you are.
Ponder this; A meat worker spends his whole day in this environment.
You or any other vegan type would not be able to do this. It is a good
bet that the vast majority of meat workers eat meat and that the
environment they work in does not kill their appetites for it. Your
position is founded in emotions which emmerge when contemplating the
horror of death. I'm also pretty sure that your principly opposed to
meat regardless of whether or not the animal is killed in a humane
fashion. Let me know if I'm wrong on this. Convincing me and everyone
else of what is proper and right to eat then is not going to make the
world a better place because death will still be at hand as something
for you to deal with because your death is at hand. Deal with
the big stuff before you go off on the small things.

Stuart Gort

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