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Why dont they understand?

Posted by: russle sprout ( roosevelt high, america ) on November 19, 1998 at 23:16:52:

In Reply to: I HATE McDONALDS posted by GREG on April 06, 1998 at 09:38:56:

Iv been a veggie for almost a year and i just dont know why people cant accept it and understand. Instead they have to go and make some rediculouse comment like 'oy, veggie burger...dont have a cow!' and personally i just think its childish. Many people tell me not to tell others but i do because im proud of it. Many Adults that i know respect me because of what i do but i just dont understand why the stupid, ignorant adolecents in my school Dont. If someone has an answer please write in this space.

McSpotlight: This issue isn't relevant to the 'McSpotlight' debating room, which is for discussing people's views on this site. However, you are welcome to discuss it in the 'anything else' debating room on this site, and you'll find quite a few people discussing vegetarianism there already.

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