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Consumer Mentality

Posted by: Kristin on December 13, 1998 at 18:50:24:

In Reply to: puh-lezze. posted by rowelentless on December 07, 1998 at 22:00:32:

: Once again it won't affect McD's a bit. Let the two continue to pass flyers, but it is totally dumb to keep dragging on with this trial.

The blame should be cast on those who started it, not those who are tying to finish it. If McDonalds never sued to begin with, this trial wouldn't even exist.

: Yeah but why BREAK THE LAW to get your point across? You guys should try to win the lottery, invest in some good stocks, wait a few years and Try to counteract McD's advertising.

The law is enforced to protect the innocent. Anytime the law is used as a guise to cover up the guilty, it should be questioned.

: : It's very generous of you to give environmentalists the credit for 'solving the styrofoam dilemna'. Perhaps you didn't even realise there was a problem until environmentalists raised the issue. And perhaps you should try listening to what environmentalists are saying now, about the current problems we face, rather than writing them off as 'earth nuts'.

: Well you seem fanatical.

The word fanatical describes anyone who focusses strongly on their beliefs. Anytime any great change has ever taken place it is because of the persistence of the fanatics. The fanatics make up for the rest of the worlds apathy. So next time your sitting in front of the TV being lulled into a false sense of security or at the pub with the guys, raise a toast to the fanatics for the luxury and freedom you so take for granted.

: : : Animals.
: : : Oh please, what you do want farmers to do to yummy cows and chickens. Give them a luxury high rise with free cable? Hell no! They are treated better than those on death row! And stop trying to convert meat eaters to become veggie freaks. It is just plain dumb!

There is a huge diference between the days of old where farming was a self employed business run by families and the concentration camps that we call industrail farming.

: : : Free Speech
: : : If the so called "Mc Libel2" didn't say things about McD's then they wouldn't be in this mess. And why are the wasting their time with an APPEAL! A total waste of british tax pounds (dollars) you might add.

If McDonalds weren't so arrogant in trying to put a muzzle on anyone who speaks the truth, british tax dollars and time would not be wasted.
You are forgetting our rights! Anytime society forget the bondage of it's past it is in grave danger of becomming enslaved again. This may be a joke to you, but reality is knocking at your door, open it up and let some in.

: : : Expansion.
: : : If you try to prevent a new store, or close an existing one, Mcd's will just laugh at you. It won't really bother them.

McDonalds went through 6 years of a trial trying to prevent flyers from being passed out. I think it botheres them more than you are willing to admit.

:::Go and plant some trees instead.

Obviously you are just a consumer stuffing your face and decorating your body and surroundings without giving back anything you have taken.
People who do not have the ability to give feel small next to those who do. Your critisism is just the result of the lack of power you feel in the presence of those who contrast your empty void of darkness.


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