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What should McDonald's do?

Posted by: Dave on December 13, 1998 at 18:55:04:

I read all of this hate McDonalds crap but not one suggestion of what McDonalds shoud do to correct their problems. Instead of trying to destroy McDonalds why don't you try and help them.

McSpotlight: We believe that multinational companies like McDonald's are part of the problem, and can never be part of the solution, because they depend for their very existence on the exploitation of people, animals and the environment. Without that exploitation and oppression they could not exist, since their only interest is making profits. Therefore, if we want to create a society without exploitation and oppression, multinationals can have no part in that society. We want to see a society where people control their own lives and communites, based around freedom and sharing, and respect for the planet we live on, and the animals that share it with us.

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