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Posted by: McDWorker on January 01, 1999 at 19:38:42:

In Reply to: What should McDonald's do? posted by Dave on December 13, 1998 at 18:55:04:

: I read all of this hate McDonalds crap but not one suggestion of what McDonalds shoud do to correct their problems. Instead of trying to destroy McDonalds why don't you try and help them.

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: McSpotlight: We believe that multinational companies like McDonald's are part of the problem, and can never be part of the solution, because they depend for their very existence on the exploitation of people, animals and the environment. Without that exploitation and oppression they could not exist, since their only interest is making profits. Therefore, if we want to create a society without exploitation and oppression, multinationals can have no part in that society. We want to see a society where people control their own lives and communites, based around freedom and sharing, and respect for the planet we live on, and the animals that share it with us.

If we want to create a society where people control thier own lives and freedom, lets jump off of the I hate McDonald's banwagon and refocus our attention and engeries to the under developed countires, where people are dying because they have no food or water and are full of disease and bacteria due to their living conditions...It is in these countires that people are dying and suffering, and no one seems to care because everyone is concerned with only themselves....

Its funny how that no one seems to have any money to donate to these families, but yet they find the money to take McD's to court over "unhealthy diets"....Come on people, wake up!! Everyone knows that eating fast food everyday isn't good for you...You learned that as a child...And so what if McD claims that is "good for you".....if you believe it, you're just as stupid as they are for saying it!!! Common sense should kick in.....I'm not saying that McD's is perfect in anyway, I'm just pointing out that there's more serious problems in this world then fast food companies.......if you want to argue about health, then talk about tabacco companies, and how they're killing people, how everytime you are around someone who smokes, you're indangering yourself to toxic chemicals.....lets get real!!

McSpotlight: Briefly, you'll probably find that most of the people involved with campaigning against McDonald's are also involved with campaigns against 'third world' poverty as well. Since most 'third world' poverty is caused by the actions of multinationals, it is only natural that people who are concerned about starvation and easily preventable disease in such countries, are campaigning against those multinationals. While McDonald's may not be the largest or most obvious contributor to these problems, it is nonetheless a significant contributor by its use of cash crops grown in poorer countries. For example in order to feed the huge numbers of cattle raised in order to meet the increasing demand in 'western' countries for beef products, grain is imported from 'third world' countries to be fed to the cattle. McDonald's bear responsibility for this, not only by their use of substantial amounts of beef, but also through their repeated advertising which increases demand for beef products.

Finally no-one 'took McDonald's to court', McDonald's took campaigners to court, to try to stop them criticising the company. The McLibel defendants spent around 35,000 raised by public donations, on defending the right to criticise wealthy and powerful corporations which exert huge influence over society and the planet. McDonald's are estimated to have spent approx 10 MILLION on taking the campaigners to court. Have you asked McDonald's why they didn't use that money (not to mention their profits of $2 BILLION) for something more constructive? Or why they are deceptively promoting their food as 'nutritious' and 'good for you'? If no-one believed it, then there wouldn't be any point in McDonald's saying it was good for you. The fact is that they are being deceptive in advertising their products as nutritious (as the Judge found in McLibel), and that some people do believe it, and are drawn in to eating there more frequently as a result. McDonald's deception on so many issues is why it's important that people are free to air criticisms of the company and put forward alternative views and ideas, and THAT is why the case was fought, and this website created.

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