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Environmental damage hurts my planet

Posted by: will on December 16, 1998 at 12:39:49:

In Reply to: puh-lezze. posted by rowelentless on December 07, 1998 at 22:00:32:

Isn't it funny how similar the words corporate and cooperate are? McDonald's cooperates with other corporate conglomerates to A: destroy the earth with their toxic waste from their mass production meat farms, B: enslave individuals who are stuck in the muck left behind by a system constitutionally designed to protect the rich property owners, while at the same time screw the poor out of everything they ever had,C: fool those of you idiots who actually eat their products (I dare not call that shit food) into thinking that the bovine growth hormones, steroids, and who knows what the fuck else those cows were fed really aren't bad for you...D: help to fill up garbage dumps with their hamburger packages, waste from grease pits, etc, all the while hiding behind the Ronald McDonald House. sure, they do nice things for a few crippled kids, but those kids won't have much of a world to live in if corporations keep dumping their toxic shit all over it. keep eating McDonald's food, and you're asshole will surely fall out. P.S. my buddy is very poor. he doesn't have a toilet, so when you have to shit at his house, you walk over to the local McDonald's. I guess it serves some purpose....a good place to shit and git by the way, the 2 billion dollars wasted every year by McDonald's could feed alot of hungry kids...don't feed them Big Macs however!!

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