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Service all round!!

Posted by: Scott Graham ( Central Coast, N.S.W., AUSTRALIA ) on January 04, 1999 at 12:51:12:

My wife and I used to enjoy taking our 4y.o. son to Mcdonalds restaurants on a regular basis. The service was always bright and cheery, and you always got what you ordered. It was always fresh and hot. I am in the service industry so I used to regularly drop in for lunch.
Unfortunately now I wouldn't recomend that anyone go there. There service is no longer bright and cheery, and you rarely get what you ordered. The quality of the food has dropped considerably.
Perhaps this has something to do with the average age of the workers there, Idon't know but I think it is about time that the McDonalds corp. had another look at just how they are training thier new recruits. I think that the Quality control has gone out the door and its just a case of sell you the goods and get rid of you. Its a pitty isn't it!!!!!
My son enjoys the toys that he gets in there happy meals but you never get the toys that are advertised on TV. Some times you could get the same toy for 4 weeks in a row, and when you ask them why, all you get is that there was a surplus of that toy so they are trying to get rid if them.
We have taken our complaints to many different restaurant managers only to be given the run around. So now we turn to you people out of hope that if we can all work together then maybe the big wigs will get the message and something may get done about thier quality control and customer service attitude.

McSpotlight: Okay. Since you haven't read around the site, a few points.

1. We are not a "gripe" site run by McDonald's

We exist to provide an alternative to the corporate propaganda that McD's floods the mass media with - giving people access to the information that McDonald's have tried to suppress in court.

2. We do not have any influence over McD's (or they'd all be closed!)

As such, asking us to change things is pointless; the most you can hope is that one of our regular spooks from McD's (you know who you are, so do we...) reads your post and suggests things to their bosses.

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