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The list goes on and on

Posted by: Dark Truth on January 11, 1999 at 13:35:01:

In Reply to: Service all round!! posted by Scott Graham on January 04, 1999 at 12:51:12:

:Your're paying less than a buck for a burger. lets think this thru. If you get upset because of quality, consistency, and demeanor, you live in a dream world. The kids that work in these pissholes dont care about you or your service minded beleifs. They want to make enough cash to score a bag and put a tank of gas in their ford escort.

lets take alook at the work ethic of these dysfunctional little tripes and their world. Lets stop pointing the finger at the symptom and administer the cure to the disease.

That disease is called The Breakdown of Ethics and Morality and the Human spirit In the 20th century. heres a list of other symptoms.

T.V.,Corrupt Government, An irrefutable discontent among the masses, a piss-poor education system, pro athletes wages,Hate mongers masquerading as Peace Officers,T.V.,Spice Girls, Gangsta Rap,FRIENDS, HMO's and PPO's, Old people pissing on themselves,Social Security,Illegal Suicide, Mcdonalds couldn't win a lawsuit against an old lady who spilled coffee on her pp, Prince, ETC...

The list goes on and on yet people like you and I find it necessary to take the frustration of all this bullshit out on the pimple faced kid behind the counter because we dont know where else to direct it all.

Time for a change. Lets take her down and start from scratch. What do say? Anone out there got the balls?

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