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Maybe this follow up will work!?!?

Posted by: Nicole ( Australia ) on June 14, 1999 at 10:50:08:

In Reply to: Not even you should be burnt alive. posted by Mel on June 04, 1999 at 04:48:13:

: You know you know absolutly nothing!!!
Uh huh, correct, I know nothing, absoloutely nothing!!!

: Alot of people who work for Mcdonalds
A lot being the operative word there ... do go on ...

: do so because they like working there.
And basically have no other option.

: They enjoy working with the public
Who wouldn't? The public rock.

: (even people like you)
DO NOT imply that I eat at McEvils ok? EVER!

: And to say that I should be burnt
No, not you burnt.

: with my store
SURE your store should be, hello, it's a McD store, all should be burnt, or ok, too harsh? Maybe they should be demolished, just like they demolish historical features to build their McShit stores on. Just a suggestion, I'm open to any others you may have though, or anyone else for that matter.

: you are a sick individual.
Compliments will get you nowhere with me, thanks anyway :o)

: I also suppose you would continue to pay for my house,
Umm, I didn't know that I was *already* paying for it?

: raise my two kids(alone),
Well, kids aren't really my thing at the moment, I'm actually studying and working aswell, so, I don't think I'd have time to raise your children, sorry. Maybe McD's can set up a creche with all their extra money?

: and pay for my new truck.
Kewl! A new truck, Excellent! What kind?

: You really need to think about things before you voice your thoughts.
Why? So that I don't upset anyone? Welcome to the real world buddy, noone can be pleased by what I say, what you say, what the damn Queen says, can't keep everyone happy :o)

: Not all mcdonalds suck
Uh oh, I think you should think about what you say before you voice your thoughts, someone once told me that ;)

: and NO Mcdonald employee should be burnt alive.

: Not even you should be burnt alive.
Correct again, glad we're making progress.

NOTE: I have replied to you, this is my second attempt, I'm hoping atleast one of them get published because I am very curious as to what you have to say back to me, have a good one :o)

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