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Enough McWitlessness, please!

Posted by: Cynic ( Mediators Anonymous ) on July 16, 1999 at 03:25:14:

In Reply to: Maybe this follow up will work!?!? posted by Nicole on June 14, 1999 at 10:50:08:

M: You know you know absolutly nothing!!!
N: Uh huh, correct, I know nothing, absoloutely nothing!!!

Cynic: I believe it was slander. Or else a somewhat puzzling way of saying you were making unfounded judgements about McDonalds and hadn't considered the entire picture.

M: Alot of people who work for Mcdonalds
N: A lot being the operative word there ... do go on ...

Cynic: Yes lets!

M: do so because they like working there.
N: And basically have no other option.

Cynic: Actually even for laborers with no skills there are jobs available with better pay. That there is no other option and McDonalds' employees are stuck there is a myth based on inaccurate perception. There are always alternatives. A certain degree of comfort or ignorance, either one, will let workers justify their careers at the Golden Arches.

M: They enjoy working with the public
N: Who wouldn't? The public rock.

Cynic: I wouldn't, I haven't, and I won't. The public suck, unfortunately because much of it believes that the service sector somehow alters the human-human relationship, as if the customer regardless of personal merit becomes superior to the employee. Many people forget that common courtesy and human dignity do not stop at the time clock-- those who do not shouldn't try and engage in commerce.

M: (even people like you)
N: DO NOT imply that I eat at McEvils ok? EVER!

Cynic: Just as an aside... I know you're not the only one guilty of this, but it is neither witty, amusing, or insulting to preface all insults with "Mc" in this forum. It's "McStupid."

M: And to say that I should be burnt
N: No, not you burnt.

Cynic: Well, that sounded like what you said to me too. Maybe an apology is in order, along with rescinding that statement.

M: with my store
N: SURE your store should be, hello, it's a McD store, all should be burnt, or ok, too harsh?

Cynic: Yeah probably too harsh. I'm sure your lifestyle harms the environment in your own small way too. Just like any individual McDonalds employee. I suppose someone would be justified in burning your house down too as long as it had a corporate logo on it. Let's leave the matches in the drawer.

N: Maybe they should be demolished, just like they demolish historical features to build their McShit stores on.

Cynic: See related posts in the "Kids" and "McDonalds" rooms to find my opinions on the destruction of historical landmarks. Again, I'll remind you that "McShit" took no creativity whatsoever to write and speaks poorly of your sense of humor.

N: Just a suggestion, I'm open to any others you may have though, or anyone else for that matter.

Cynic: Cool! Prove it by not saying "Mc_____" anymore.


M: I also suppose you would continue to pay for my house,
N: Umm, I didn't know that I was *already* paying for it?

Cynic: You know what Mel meant. What happens to poor Mel's obligations after you burn him/her to death? You had better consider how your actions affect other beings before you commit them or you're no better than the restaurant you hate so much.

M: raise my two kids(alone),
N: Well, kids aren't really my thing at the moment, I'm actually studying and working as well, so, I don't think I'd have time to raise your children, sorry.

Cynic: Then I should hope somewhere in your education you absorb the virtue of humility, come to understand true compassion, and appreciate the value of human life. Then refer your reading list to McDonalds for review. As it stands the both of you are suffering from some of the same diseases.

N: Maybe McD's can set up a creche with all their extra money?

Cynic: Why should they pay for your misanthropy?

M: You really need to think about things before you voice your thoughts.
N: Why? So that I don't upset anyone?

Cynic: Well that may be one of your concerns, especially if it concerns your personal safety. But far more than that you should be concerned about being as right as possible whenever opening your mouth to profess an opinion, else you run the risk of appearing to be a person of little depth or capacity for reason. Opinions are like you know what, everybody has them and they're worth about as much. It's far better to make statements you can justify and be proud of until the day you die.

N: Welcome to the real world buddy, noone can be pleased by what I say, what you say, what the damn Queen says, can't keep everyone happy :o)

Cynic: No, you can't. But you can make statements without being insulting or self-important. You can debate without threatening the opposition, or endorsing the destruction of property. Add civility to the list of virtues I mentioned above.

M: Not all mcdonalds suck
N: Uh oh, I think you should think about what you say before you voice your thoughts, someone once told me that ;)

Cynic: They don't. If there were only one McDonalds store in the entire world, and no corporate monolith to back it up- would it still be "evil?" Their prevalence and size is what concerns you. You have issues with their volume and the scale of their practice. At the local level, most McDonalds employees probably live lives very similar to your own.

M: and NO Mcdonald employee should be burnt alive.
N: Correct.

Cynic: Thank you. I believe that is all we ever wanted to hear. Now, where's the "I'm sorry?"

M: Not even you should be burnt alive.
N: Correct again, glad we're making progress.

Cynic: Yes, now we just need an apology and a little self-reflection and we'll be all set.

N: I am very curious as to what you have to say back to me, have a good one :o)

Cynic: Well, I've indulged you. Hope it held your interest long enough to get this far. Have a good day.

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