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Posted by: Leah ( Australia ) on October 06, 1999 at 12:08:59:

What drove you to compile a website such as this?

McSpotlight: No-one "drove" us to compile it. McSpotlight was written because the McInformation Network felt it was the right thing to do; especially in light of McDonald's efforts to push the dirt from the McLibel Trial under the rug and forget about it. We wanted this court evidence to be freely available to all, so that McDonald's could never again pretend that all was rosy with their practices and workforce; a permanent antidote to their adverts.

Try visiting the Help page; it says;

"Yes, we appreciate that McDonald's only sell hamburgers and loads of other corporations are just as bad. But that's not the point. They have been used as a symbol of all multinationals and big business relentlessly pursuing their profits at the expense of anything that stands in their way.

McDonald's were chosen for this dubious honour because a) everyone's heard of them, b) they're bullies who threaten legal action on almost anyone who dares criticise them, c) there's stacks of in-depth information available about them (thanks to the research that's gone into the McLibel Trial), d) the nature of their business means loads of contemporary issues are relevant, e) they pioneered various unwelcome practices which other companies have followed and f) they take themselves far too seriously."

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