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My eyes are opened, and my heart as well.

Posted by: Justin on February 17, 19100 at 13:18:30:

In Reply to: Plants Rights posted by David Vallentyne on February 22, 1998 at 08:20:27:

: Katie

: Now that I have converted you to the plant's rights cause here are a few things that you can do to help the plant's rights cause. First off, cut plant flesh out of your diet. Replace it with dirt. Dirt does not promote the enslavement or death of any being and if it's good enough for our enlightened earth brethren the plants, it's good enough for us. The same land used to grow crops to feed one vegetarian can feed 535 dirt eaters.

: Although a dirt diet may drastically hinder the development of young children the development of these children would still be hindered by a vegetarian diet. You can reassure young children that they are eating dirt to save all of their plant friends.

: To save the poor cotton plant we can wear plant free material such as: nylon, rayon, spandex or polyester. If none of these options sounds appealing, go naked. What ever you wear remember that cotton kills.

: As important as these things are the plant's rights movement can not succeed with out your liberal financial support. You can donate:
: $49.95 for a one year membership to PeTP, People for the Ethical Treatment of plants.
: $99.95 for a one year membership to the PLO, the Plant Liberation
: Organization, an organization dedicated to establishing the plant's civil rights, no matter how many laws they break in the process. This includes the right to vote,
: however due to physiologicallimitations I will vote for the plant population.
: $30 plus $15 dollars a month for membership in Vegetarians Anonymous.
: Please make all checks payable to David Vallentyne. We need plenty of
: donations in order to even come close to $11 million PeTA gets every year. Just like many "non-profit" organizations over half of our budget goes to administrative costs.

My eyes are opened, and my heart as well. I'm afriaid I have a problem with authority and cannot donate to your orginazation, but that money will instead be put toward replacing all of the plant derived clothing I own with leather and vinyl instead. Your speech has made all the difference for me, thank you.

what would the vegetable form of bestiality be called?

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