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From: McSpotlight (info@mcspotlight.org)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2000 - 15:53:47 GMT

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    December 1999

    hello. you have been subscribed to this revitalised McLibel mailing list
    either you were already on the old one, or you mentioned somewhere along
    the way that you wanted to keep up with this stuff.

    if you're no longer interested, please unsubscribe as described in 1.1 below.
    sorry for the hassle.

    hope it makes for inspiring reading,


    This is the McLibel mailing list welcome file, so: 'WELCOME!'

    To help with the kinda things you might want to know about this list this file
    contains the following content and you should consider keeping this Welcome
    message for possible future reference:

    *1*. BORING BORING: a few admin details of the list - how to unsubscribe, who's
    moderating it and some basic list settings.

            1.1 how to subscribe/ unsubscribe/ bouncing mail
            1.2 moderators/ owners
                    1.3 basic list settings

    *2*. RAISE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR: the purpose of this list - what sorta
    the idealogical background to it and what we can do with it together for a
    better world!!!

            2.1 where did this list come from
            2.2 what is its purpose + subject matter
            2.3 where can this list go


            3.1 how to pass on information you think may be relevant to this list


    1.1 [how to subscribe + unsubscribe]

    And so first, some boring bits, there are approximately 2 billion people
    subscribed to this list - err sorry, make that 1-2,000 or so - from all four
    corners of the globe.

    To subscribe to the list you should send a message to:
    with the following message in the body of your message:

    subscribe mclibel your-name

    Where your-name is replaced with (wait for it) your name!


    For example, if your name is Joan S. Doe and you wish to subscribe to the
    McLibel Mailing List, you may join that list by sending your mail to
    <listproc@envirolink.org> with the following command in the body of your

    subscribe mclibel Joan S. Doe

    To unsubscribe send a message to: <listproc@envirolink.org> with the following
    in the body of the message:

    unsubscribe mclibel

    If you have been falsely subscribed to this list use the above details to
    unsubscribe and please do not post to the list saying you have been wrongly
    subscribed - IT IS NOT THE LIST'S FAULT - more likely one of your friends.

            ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ****
            ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ****
            * You will be automatically removed from the list
            * if for any given reason a posting to the list
            * bounces from your email-address
            ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ****
            ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** ****

    1.2 [moderators/ owners]

    So who's moderating/ sending out all these messages?
    Messages are posted to the list by the McLibel Support Campaign [insert agreed
    email address], McSpotlight [info@mcspotlight.org] + the McLibel documentary
    people Oops [oops@spanner.org]

    1.3 [basic list settings]
    The list is a moderated-edit open list - which basically means anyone can
    subscribe to the list, all postings are cleared by moderators before being sent
    onto the list proper and messages can be edited by the moderators before being
    sent on (by 'edited' we mean that such details as the original posters
    identity/ies, headers and footers may be removed).
    See below for what constitutes 'relevant material'.


    2.1 [where did this list come from]
    This list came out of the McLibel Trial (please visit McSpotlight,
    for further information). The list has been running since 1991 and has
    moved once since
    its inception, gone into hibernation a few times and now emerges into a new
    spring. There
    was also the McSpotlight mailing list which this list now supercedes as well.

    2.2 [what is its purpose + subject matter]
    The purpose of this list is to help keep people, activists, campaigners,
    mothers, kids, dads, workers, unemployed, YOU informed of the continuing
    of the McLibel Trial as well as helping to keep the moves, shananigans and
    policies of TNCs in general in the public domain. In this way information
    is not
    contained, controlled and held by those trying to dominate and control our

    The subject matter covered includes:

    - McLibel Trial news, newspaper articles and press releases (inc. upcoming
    European Court of Human Rights appeal, House of Lords appeal and trial of
    Helen&Dave against the Metropolitan Police)

    - Anti-McDonald's campaigning (Residents Against McDonald's, PETA's
    campaign about McD's animal cruelty, October 16th, Adopt-a-Store, new
    campaign to ban McD's children's adverts)

    - McSpotlight news & upcoming special events (workshops, live debates,

    - McLibel documentary news, cinema releases & screening dates

    - Very occasional news on other multinationals, WTO, MAI

    - Other occassional campaign related info from London Greenpeace

    2.3 [where can this list go]

    Who knows! Since the information that is posted on this list largely comes from
    a variety of sources the direction and content of the list will always be a
    reflection of this. However, there is obviously a restriction in that
    subscribers cannot post direct to the list. This is largely due to (a) the
    numbers on the list, (b) the nature and content of the list and (c) the purpose
    of most of the content (ie informative rather than discussive).


    3.1 [how to pass on information you think may be relevant to this list]

    This is an announcement-only list relating to the McLibel Trial, various
    anti-McDonald's campaigns and the McSpotlight website. We welcome any news you
    have about McDonald's and anti-McDonald's activities of any sort, as well as
    details of any future events as well as the acitivities and policies of
    transnational corporations, organisations and institutions

    Please send this information to submit@mcspotlight.org

    The information you send will be read and may then be sent round on this list,
    either in full or in summary, or may be passed to the relevant group/s to be
    dealt with, or, if it is offensive, spam, or totally irrelevant, it may be
    deleted and never heard of again.


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