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11/09/01 . Unknown . North American ALF . USA  
McDonald's Fire Claimed By Anti-Globalization Activists  
Tucson, AZ - Late Monday evening the A.L.F. Press Office received an unsigned statement from activists who are claiming responsibility for the half-million dollar fire that destroyed a Tucson-area McDonald's early Saturday morning.  

Sent through an anonymous email remailer (remailers are used to make it impossible to trace back the source computer or location of the letter being sent), the activists say that they burned down the McDonald's "to serve as a warning to corporations worldwide." The document goes on to rail against globalization and it's negative effects on humans, animals, and the earth. Across the world, McDonald's has been constantly targeted for acts of property destruction at every anti-globalization protest since (and before) the anti-WTO demonstrations in Seattle.

According to local media reports, the initials "ALF" and "ELF" were spraypainted on the walls of the burned-out building. Traditionally, this has been the "calling card" left behind for both the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front, who typically will sign their initials at the scene of their actions. In this instance, because the Communique was received unsigned, the A.L.F. Press Office cannot confirm whether or not either group is taking credit for this fire.

"The message here is that ordinary people are taking action against some very destructive corporations," comments David Barbarash, A.L.F. spokesperson. "Whether or not it was people acting on behalf of the Animal or Earth Liberation Fronts, the end result is the same. Non-violent property destruction ("economic sabotage") has once again been successfully employed."

The text of the Communique follows:

"On Friday night, 9/7/01, activists working in the interest of both the Animal Liberation Frontline and the Earth Liberation Frontline torched a Tucson, AZ, McDonald's, causing more than $500,000 in damage. The fire raged from 3 am until roughly 5:30 am, and left the building completely unusable. This action is meant to serve as a warning to corporations worldwide: You will never be safe from the people you oppress. Globalization is nothing more than the government sanctioned rape and murder of the earth's resources, and we, the people, will never stand for it. As long as this country continues to cater to the greed of corporations and ignore its responsibilities concerning human rights, animal rights and the environment, we will work in opposition. As long as the president supports free trade and pushes for "fast track" trade authority, we will act in opposition. As long as corporations enslave workers in other countries, waste our natural resources and torture animals, we will unite and stand in opposition. We are NOT a select few; we are the majority. The workers and the poor are strong, and we will no longer accept your inexcusable transgresses. We call upon you to pay it all back.

In support of all of those fighting for freedom on the frontlines- we will never compromise."

------------------------ North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office Spokesperson: David Barbarash Email: Phone: 250-703-6312 Fax: 419-858-9065 Mailing Address: P.O.Box 3673, Courtenay, BC, V9N 7P1 Canada  
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