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Newspaper, magazine and internet articles specifically relating to McDonald's are accessed below. For stuff on McLibel, McSpotlight or Anti-McDonald's campaigns, please use the 'related links' or search options below.

The press cuttings date back to 1994 and are arranged in chronological order with the most recent first. Please forward any relevant articles to info@mcspotlight.Org and we'll put them up.

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Quarterpounder stays on the menu despite EU rules
Reuters, 3 March 2000

Couple sue McDonald's over 'milkshake assault' Telegraph, 28 February 2000

Kitty Kaos!
Mob Violence Over Fast Food Toys in Singapore
AP, 27 January 2000

Fast food to get faster in California
...where the car is king, hamburgers are considered heavenly, and speed is of the essence.
Reuters, 27 January 2000

Big Macs, small horizons
America isn't beautiful - and that's thanks largely to an avaricious clown who is the spirit of the new millennium
Guardian UK, 1 January 2000

Did somebody say McLiar?
For years I've noticed that McDonald's signs across America have their counters stuck at 99 billion served.
TIME Magazine, 6 December 1999

Ronald McDonald Supports PETA
Letter from Geoffrey Giuliano, the original Ronald McDonald

McDonald's Still Facing a McLibel Backlash
Marketing, a UK Trade Weekly, September 1999 New Mexico Alibi, 10 October 1999

McD's to pay US gov't. $4M
CNN, 28 June 1999

MOSCOW - Natalya Gracheva Is Giving McDonald's Heartburn
McDonald's In Russia Clashes With Union-Hungry Workers
Associated Press, Moscow, 23rd June 1999

McDonald's UK Fined £,10,000 Over Sewage-in-Kitchen Incident
London METRO Daily, 10 June 1999

School Flying McDonald's Flag Accused of Sellout
Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Salt Lake City Tribune, 18 December 1998

Police reinforcements are being called in to guard McDonald's outlets
September 1998
The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Legislators Warn On Burger Drive Boycott urged over McMunch toy campaign
12th September 1998
The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

Fast-food client claims tea was bleach
Yet another 'coffee' incident for McDonald's?
UPI, 27th August 1997

McDonald's opens 200th restaurant in Taiwan
Another landmark in the march of the Golden Arches
Reuters, 27th August 1997

McDonald's relying more on international stores
McDonald's home market continues to show signs of saturation - a bit like their burgers and fat.
Reuters, 25 August 1997

Burger chain leaves France as sales fall
McDonald's will find it easier as Burger King leaves France.
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 30 July 1997

McDonald's to invest $59 million in Peru
45 new outlets planned for Peru over the next 5 years.
UPI, 28 July 1997

Some Wal-Mart stores serving McDonald's meals at check-out
Now you can shop til you drop - you too can feel the weight going on as you consume sonsume consume.
Reuters, 25 July 1997

Heritage purists in combat at Coliseum
The Coliseum follows in the way of the South Bank, Paris - raises its stature by having a McDonald's!!??
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 24 July 1997

McDonald's hit with fines and legal costs for polluting English waterway
'Britain's Environment Agency said Thursday that the McDonald's fast-food chain had been hit with fines and legal costs totalling $13,850 for polluting an English waterway.'
Reuters 24 July 1997

What can the company do?
'While McDonald's proved in court that some of the allegations made against it were untrue, it failed spectacularly to stop future publication.'
The Independent - 2nd July 1997

BSE cull costs 'out of control' - McDonald's buys British beef
McDonald's to start buying British beef again - so it must to ok then eh?
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 27 June 1997

Small Fries Take on Big Macs
'It began as a straightforward libel case - if such a thing can be said to exist.'
Independent Business Weekly - 27th June 1997

Burger Chiefs in Court Threat
Very short piece on McDonald's threatening to take action following ruling.
Mail on Sunday (UK), 22 June 1997

The Scotish Daily Record
'Burger giants McDonald's were rocked yesterday when a top judge ruled that they exploit children and are cruel to animals.'
The Scotish Daily Record, 20th June 1997

Ruling could damage company's image
'The ruling could have damaging implications for the company's attraction to young children, at whom much advertising is aimed.'
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 20 June 1997

Mine's The Biggest Mac Please
Hugo Gurdon, a satisfied customer, argues that the burger behemoth is a force for good.
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 20th June 1997

McDonald's Left To Chew Over 10 Million Legal Bill
'McDonald'S, the world's biggest hamburger chain, left the High Court in London yesterday with a 60,000 damages award it can never collect and an outstanding legal bill estimated at 10 million.'
The Scotsman, 20 June 1997

The 10M McBlunder
'A Judge yesterday branded McDonald's mean, cruel and manipulative after the burger giant had spent 10m to clear its name.'
The Daily Mirror (UK), 20 June 1997

Burger chains agree to talks on beef ban
'McDonald's said last night that it was re-examining its position following the Government's announcement that it would ban beef from other European countries unless the EU tightened regulations against BSE.'
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 13 June 1997

Critics will appeal, judge slams some of firm's practices
McDonald's USA local paper gives their opinion
Chicago Tribune, 20th June 1997

McDo digè,re mal son procè,s
'La firme a gagné, contre deux é,colos. Une pub dé,sastreuse.'
Libé,ration (FR), Vendredi 20 juin 1997

McDonald's plans to revamp, counter competition
The news was big, but there was none of the hype that propelled Teenie Beanie Babies and Campaign 55 into the national consciousness. In fact, there was no hype, just a leaked internal memo outlining a major restructuring of McDonald's Corp.'S U.S. Business operations.
Chicago Tribune, 20th June 1997

'but at what cost'
'McDonald's Corp. May be on the verge of victory in the longest trial ever heard by an English court -- but at what a cost.'
Associated Press, 16th June 1997

Restaurant Kings, or just Silly Burgers?
'It looks like ketchup on the boardroom carpet, but it may be blood. Last week, McDonald's, the world's biggest restaurant chain, was forced to abandon a year-long brand promotion after customers and franchises failed to greet it with the enthusiasm the company had anticipated.'
Observer, 8th June 1997

'McDog' Restaurant Chain Challenges McDonald's
"Foreign restaurant chains like McDonald's are taking over our food culture. I want to help keep our traditional foods alive."
Reuters, 8th June 1997

McDonald's U.S. Marketing Plan in Question
'Faced with disappointing U.S. Sales, the world's largest restaurant chain scrapped the bulk of its 55-cent price promotion, calling its U.S. Marketing strategy into question.'
Reuters, 4th June 1997

McDonald's Opens at Seagate Canteen
'What would you do if you were McDonald's and have run out of locations to open new outlets?
Answer: Become a canteen operator.'
Reuters, 3rd June 1997

McDonald's aims to focus on taste, service
'McDonald's Corp said on Thursday it would raise its standards on food taste and service, and hinted that it might add a new chicken product to the menu.'
Reuters, 22nd May 1997

Franchisees attack McDonald's for overexpanding chain
Franchisees attack McDonald's for overexpanding chain
Chicago Tribune, 22 May 1997

McDonald's holds key to price recovery
'The most optimistic outlook for beef farmers is that there will be agreement in Brussels this year to ease the ban on a limited volume of specified beef and that this will persuade the McDonald's restaurant chain, which used to take about 8 per cent of British beef production, to return to the UK market.'
The Scotsman, 22nd May 1997

McDonald's and Walt Disney
'McDonald's and Walt Disney Records Kick Off National Fundraising Promotion at Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House.'
PR Newswire, 22nd May 1997

Mrs Kroc becomes disaster heroine
'Widow of McDonald's founder named as anonymous donor to flood victims'
Tribune, 20th May 1997

Some McDonald's Franchisees seek new U.S. Law
'A group of McDonald's Corp restaurant operators on Wednesday threw their support behind the American Franchisee Association's attempts to have the U.S. Congress pass a franchisee rights bill.'
Reuters, 21st May 1997

McDonald's wants Illinois bank to stop Beanie Baby promotion
'It didn't take McDonald's Corp. Long to let the teeny-tiny Oxford Bank in Addison know the great-big restaurant chain in Oak Brook was unhappy.'
Chicago Tribune, 20th May 1997

McDonald's U.S. Strategy needs new focus -- say analysts
'After pursuing dramatic expansion over the past several years, McDonald's must sharpen its focus on product quality and speed up its decision-making to improve sales and profits in the United States, industry analysts said.'
Reuters, 20th May 1997

McDonald's seen changing U.S. Business
'McDonald's Corp may have to change the recipe for its U.S. Fast-food business.'
Reuters, 20th May 1997

McDonald's mulls U.S. Management change -- say franchisees
'McDonald's Corp. Is drafting a plan to pare down its U.S. Management to make the company more agile, franchisees confirmed, but the task is expected to be a challenge given the sheer size of the fast-food giant.'
Reuters, 19th May 1997

McDonald's restaurants name new member to its board of directors
'McDonald's Restaurants has announced the promotion of George MacKay to senior vice-president, chief financial officer, to its UK board of directors.'
Retail Weekly, 16th May 1997

McDonald's paid $15 million for rival outlets
'McDonald's restaurant chain paid Progressive Enterprises $15 million for 17 Georgie Pie restaurants, the latest Overseas Investment Commission report says.'
The Dominion, 15th May 1997

Big Mac Deal No Big Boost
'McDonald's Corp hasn't achieved the kind of sales boost it was looking for by reducing the price of its hallmark Big Mac sandwiches 75 percent to 55 cents, according to a story in Friday's electronic edition of the Wall Street Journal.'
Reuters, 9th May 1997

McDonald's plans for Olympic flames
'McDonald's has drafted in its public relations adviser Cohn and Wolfe to support promotion activities for its sponsorship of Rome's bid to host the 2004 Olympic Games.' Very short piece.
Reuters, 9th May 1997

McDonald's hopes to repeat Beanie Babies success
'Flushed with the enormous success of its Teenie Beanie Babies marketing push, McDonald's Corp. Is hoping to repeat with its upcoming kids promotion featuring the hit Sky Dancers toys.'
Reuters, 8th May 1997

McDonald's to go back to its roots to beef up fIat US sales
McDonald's attempt to stem the decline
The Guardian (UK), Tuesday May 20th 1997

McDonald's faces major shake-up
McDonald's suffering market problems
The Daily Telegraph (UK), Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Oprah $ued For Million$
Burger 'Blunder' Could Cost TV Star a Fortune
New Nation, 12 May 1997

Way of the World?
Auberon Waugh derides the recent Chester decision and supplies some uses for churches.
The Daily Telegraph, Wednesday 7th May 1997

McDonald's to open opposite cathedral
CIVIC leaders and conservationists have condemned a decision by the DoE to allow McDonald's to open a fastfood restaurant opposite a 1OO-year-old cathedral.
The Daily Telegraph, Monday May 5th 1997

A quarter pounder of flesh
The Torygraph blame the foolish multitudes
Telegraph, 27th April 1997

The bunfight that won't go away...
Lengthy review of John Vidal's book on McLibel and the issues
Daily Mail, 26th April 1997

Holy Rolls
Review of John Vidals book with amusing Mcversion of the Lords Prayer.
Freedom, 26th April 1997

Heart of the Matter
Wine, Brussel Sprouts, Big Macs, McLibel and McSpotlight
Guardian, 29th March 1997

McEconomics hails the yuan
'The Chinese economy received a public relations boost from an unlikely source yesterday, when a study of Big Mac prices suggested that the yuan was the world's most undervalued currency.'
The Economist (UK), 11 April 1997

Kids love him. But what do they know?
The rise and rise of Ronald McDonald. By John Vidal
The Observer, 6 April 1997

McDonald's targets rivals French Fries through TV ad
McDonald's resort to 'negative' advertising.

The McDonald's Classroom Grant Program
Education has been a top priority for McDonald's (honest!)
McDonald's, 5th Mar 1997

Retail oversaturation, McDonald's and others find, has it's limits
McDonald's pays for expanding its core customers by cannibalizing it's existing stores.
Tribune Business News, 2nd Mar 1997

The 55-Cent Big Mac Bet
Price offensive could leave the fast-food industry feeling sick.
South China Morning Post, 2nd March 1997

Burger wars open with a Mac attack
Front page of yesterday's New York Post summed it up: IT'S McWAR
The Telegraph (UK), Friday 28 February 1997

A sense of urgency growing at McDonald's
Serious hurdle for company synonymous with the irresistible march of capitalism?
The Daily Telegraph, 28th February 1997

McDonald's Empire Bites Back
Anxious to reverse a 3.5Pc decline in same-store sales this year at its 12,200 US
The Telegraph, 27th Feb 1997

McDonald's Promotion Plan Seen As Risky - Say Analysts
Promotion could hurt profits and sour relations with franchisees
Reuters, 27th February 1997

FastFood Stocks Fall On Fear Of McDonald's Led Price War
McDonald's shares fell $2.375 To $44.875 Amid fears of an imminent fast-food price war.
Reuters, 26th Feb 1997

McDonald's Corp. Just turned up the heat in the fast-food business
"We have much more jaded consumers today," - price cuts are not "new news."
Reuters, 26th February 1997

It's McD-Day For Burger Plans...
McDonald's will destroy the "image and dignity" of one of the most historic sites in the city.
Evening Leader, 20th February 1997

Tenacity proves its worth
More from East Grinstead
East Grinstead Courier (UK), 13 February 1997

McDonald's Gets Wired - in France
Wide Web with "le Big Mac," as the world's first Internet-savvy McDonald's opens its golden arches.
Wired News, 13th Feb 97

DDB Wins Another McDonald Deal
McDonald's has 10 outlets in Moscow, two in St. Petersburg. Another soon to open in Nizhny Novgorod.
AdNews Online Daily, 12th Feb 1997

Fallon Splits with McDonald's
Ad company, Fallon McElligott, parts ways with McDonald's
Advertising Age, 3rd Feb 1997

McDonald's To Serve Athletes At 1998 Olympic Winter Games
McDonald's is gearing up to help feed Olympic athletes from around the world
PRNewswire, 3rd Feb 1997

Minneapolis Advertising Agency Quits McDonald's Corp.S Account
The Arch Deluxe account has been reported at about $50 million a year.
Tribune Business News, 1st Feb 1997

Press Release from the Guardians of the Clan Donald
Ronald McDonald appointed Sergeant-Major at Arms of the Guardians of Clan Donald
Clan Donald, Jan 1997

McDonald's says to make 800 new Finnish jobs in 1997
In the year 2000 there will be about 100 McDonald's in Finland
Reuters, 31st Jan 1997

Battle of the Coco Pops
Kids have become a lucrative marketing niche with products targeted entirely at them.
Guardian, 27 Jan 97

Burger the environment
Michael Jackson, showed a considerable level of hypocrisy by visiting McDonald's
Scotland on Sunday, 12 Jan 97

McDonald's to open 100 restaurants
Fast-food, to get fast build free-standing modular buildings
Construction News, 9 Jan 97

Not so Big Mac
Very small piece on resistance to the Big Mac in Derbyshire.
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 1 January 1997

McDonald's refuses to accept a Gaelic name
McDonald's now faces a three-pronged assault from Scotland
Daily Telegraph, 28 Dec 96

McDonald's Wises Up To The Poor Taste Of Wilted Lettuce
Reacting to bad survey results and sales slump, McD plans include adding more salt!
The Guardian, 24 Dec 96

McDonald's Seeks Changes In Food Preparation
McDonald's Corp top management seeks to jump start same-store sales.
Reuters, 23 Dec 96

Big Mac and a Prize Headache
A bungle over a cash promotion could cost McDonald's thousands in extra prize money.
Scottish Daily Record, 23 Dec 96

McDonald's wins right to use name in Jamaica
Golden Arches become second chain of McDonald's in Jamaica
Reuters, 21 Dec 96

Turning Swords into Beef-Burgers
New York Times columnist and his 'golden arches theory of conflict prevention'
Guardian, 19th Dec 96, UK

Learning The Value of a Burger
Schoolchildren are being offered free burgers as an incentive to turn up for lessons.
The Independent (UK), 19 Dec 96

Fast Food Chains Fight For Market Share
Fast-food chains test new recipes and cook up promotions to draw more customers
Reuters, 19 Dec 96

U.S. Hamburger Chains Battle On Into 1997
Very similar article to the above one.
Reuters, 18 Dec 96

Republic of Ireland: Burgers for Burghers
Satirical letter to Bray Council - 'thanking' them for allowing McD to open up in town
The Irish Times, 18 Dec 96

Burger and large prize to go please
Bosses at McDonald's refused to dish out competition prize money.
Scottish Daily Record, 17 Dec 96

Salads Join McD's Line, No Specific Ad Plan Seen
Salads added to line of adult-targeted products. Typical trade article.
Advertising Age, Dec 96

Oldest McDonald's In U.S. Reopens
Oldest McDonald's restaurant reopened after a close brush with the demolition ball
Reuters, 15 Dec 96

Peace on Earth and Big Mac to all men
Three journalists on the 'New World Fast-Food Order'
Sunday Telegraph, 15th Dec 96, UK

Physical Dexterity Required at New McDonald's Outlets
Article on McDonald's news-coup ski-slope opening.
The Irish Times, Dec 96

McDonald's Opens World's First Ski-Through
Article on the news-coup ski-slope restaurant.
Reuters, 14 Dec 96

Fears over McDonald's school sponsorship deal
Controversy over corporate sponsorship in schools caused by McDonald's deal
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), 13th Dec 96

Burger Chain Set To Open Its Third Outlet - Anger Follows
Three articles covering application by McD for another outlet in Cornwall.
Western Morning News, 12 Dec 96

Fascinating McFacts About McDonald's International
McDonald's own press release about themselves. Quite revelaing in many ways.
PR News (source: McDonald's Corp.), 9 Dec 96

Beefburger Giants Face Ban Dilemna
Will burger chains lift their ban on British beef
Yorkshire Post (UK), 6 Dec 96

Big Macs 'poisoned us'
E.Coli, McDonald's and under cooked burgers
Express, 6th Dec 96

Mac Attacks and Loses - Fast Food Feud
Mac finds that bullying doesn't work in Denmark.
Associated Press, 4th Dec 96, Denmark

Infected children to sue over lethal food bug
Seven children suing British Government, McDonald's and others other food poisoning.
Independent, 4th Dec 96

McDonald's & E.Coli food poisoning
Press release from the firm representing victims of E.Coli poisoning
Howe & Co Solicitors, 3rd Dec 96

Big Mac poised to join Texaco war effort
Texaco is mounting a big push to gain market share in the UK and its secret weapon will be Ronald.
The Times (UK), November 1996

Mother of worker killed at McDonald's wants case reopened
Electrocuted worker story - update
International Worker, 30th Nov 96

Army gives Big Mac its marching orders
McDonald's ordered to stop using unlicensed radio equipment.
Evening Standard, 21st Nov 96

City Diary: Burger And Fries To Go - Sloping Off
Article on the news-coup ski-slope restaurant.
The Daily Telegraph (UK), 15 Nov 96

McDonald's strikes out with grown-ups
McDonald's losing adult customers.
Fortune Magazine, November 11th 96

Wall St loses taste for McDonald's
Report on poor sales for McDonald's in their own backyard.
Times, 11th Nov 96

Golden Arches Galore
It's been a lousy year for McDonald's, U.S. Sales sagging
Forbes, 4th Nov 96, USA

McDonald's Opens In 99th Country With First Restaurant In Dominican Republic
McDonald's press release concerning the McColonisation of yet another country
PR News (source: McDonald's Corp.), 2 Dec 96

Big Mac turn-around
Barrister's advice prompts councillors to approve application
Cornwall News, Nov 96

Media Guardian
Mike Love of McDonald's picks up the "PR professional of the year"
Guardian, 28th Oct 96

Interview with Arsene Wenger, the new manager at Arsenal Football Club
Manager derides the effect of the McDonald's diet.
Evening Standard, 18 Oct 96

Orthodox Jews Offended By Cheese, Halt March Of The Big Mac In Israel
Religeous Jews put a stop to McDonald's un-kosher adverts.
Daily Telegraph, 18 Oct 96

Scots Chief To Defend His Clan
The McDonald's take on McDonald's
Herald, 7th Oct 96, Scotland

McDonald's Australia plans frightening expansion rate. Campaigners organise.
Weekend Australian, 5th-6th Oct 96, Australia

Fed up to McTeeth with son of a bun
Daily Mirror advises readers to avoid McDonald's
Mirror, 28th Sept 96

New McDonald's Product Roll-Out
the answer to poverty, exploitation and war ...? No, just a new burger
Press Release, 26 Sept 96, USA

McDonald's Is More Powerful Than EC
Globalisation is destroying diversity.
Guardian, 25 Sept 96

Big Mac Chews Out Little Mrs Munchie
McDonald's attempts to monopolise the 'MC' prefix
Independent, 24 Sept 96

Big Mac puts bite on McMunchies
Mrs Blair, of Fenny Stratford, Bucks, has protested
Telegraph, 24 Sept 96

Corner shop faces McDonald's writ
Mary Blair has been told to drop the disputed prefix from McMunchies
Times, 24 Sept 96

McDonald's wins trademark battle in South Africa.
South Africa brought in line with international intellectual property protection.
Jet, 23 Sept 96

McDonald's Wins Corner Shop
Holloway to get second McDonald's with closure of 60yr old family business.
Islington Gazette, 19 Sept 96, London

Burger Firm Pulls Out
McDonald's admit defeat in attempt to purchase Tory HQ in HQ in North London
Daily Telegraph, 19 Sept 96

Big Mac Quits Fight For Portillo HQ
McDonald's drop plans after political row
Evening Standard, 19th Sept 96

Dissent Breaks Out In Big Mac's Ranks
Workers go out on strike in South Africa
South Africa Times, 18th Sept 96

British beef will soon fit the grill - Burger King set to end ban
Burger King breaks ranks over BSE
Daily Express, 17th Sept 96

McDonald bid for Portillo's Tory HQ is rejected
McDonald's are refused permission for a drive-thru in North London
Times, 17th Sept 96

Labour Puts Big Mac Off The Menu In Portillo Land
Failure of McDonald's to secure Tory party HQ in North London
Daily Mail, 17th Sept 96

Burger bar blocked
Failure of McDonald's to secure Tory party HQ in North London
Guardian, 17th Sept 96

Labour burghers halt Portillo's Big Macs
Failure of McDonald's to secure Tory party HQ in North London.
Telegraph, 17th Sept 96

Big Macs Are Frozen Out
McDonald's are refused drive-thru application in North London
Daily Express, 17th Sept 96

McDonald's Sued Over Girl's Death
Report on death of girl from E.Coli - the 'Burger Bug'
Daily Mail, 16th Sept 96

Discontent brews at McDonald's
Wildcat strikes in South Africa - discontent widespread
Argus (Cape Town), 15th Sept 96, South Africa

Parents to sue McDonald's over 'burger bug' death
McDonald's facing challenge over E.Coli poisoning.
Sunday Times, 15th Sept 96

Kelloggs / McDonald's Link Up
McDonald's and Kelloggs join forces in promotion drive.
15th Sept 96, USA

Companies face increasing rows over how to choose worker representatives
McDonald's 'Workers Forum' denounced as 'example of single minded hostility'
Sunday Observer, 15th Sept 96

Viz challenges McDonald's over TV money tips
Legal action considered against McDonald's
Independent, 12th Sept 96

McDonald's Sued
Expansion plans cause concern to existing store owners.
Sydney Morning Herald, 11th Sept 96, Australia

'McWorks Council' Condemned
Union federation condemns McDonald's rubber-stamping workers council.
Union Federation, Geneva, Switzerland

McDonald's Plans India Debut Soon
Indian outlets coming soon
Economic Times, 5th Sept 96, India

McDonald's plans India debut soon
India openings all set for Delhi and Bomba
Economic Times, 5th Sept 96, India

Funday Ruined for Ronald's Annual Bash
Report on protest at Ronald's annual 'funday'
Sunday Mail, 23rd August 96

Big Mac deal will bring windfall for Tory coffers
Political row over links between McDonald's and the Conservative party.
Times, 15 August 96

A blow to Big Mac in Jamaica
McDonald's are stopped trading in Kingston, Jamaica
Guardian, EcoSoundings 17th July 96

Will a Big Mac sign rise at Stonehenge?
Details of a proposal to open a McDonald's at Stonehenge
Mail on Sunday, 14th July 96

Big Mac To Be Grilled In JA
Lengthy article giving the story behind the Jamaican case of McDonald's vs McDonald's.
Caribbean Times, 27 June 96

Left Bank Balks At le Big Mac
Report on McDonald's attempt to set up shop in the Left Bank
Guardian, 22nd June 96

Here's the Beef
The grand opening of McDonald's first fast-food restaurant in South Africa heralds bad news for the health of the nation.
New Internationalist, June 96

McDonald's Unmasked
Overview of McDonald's global ambitions and manipulations
Red Pepper, June 96 and USA

The Battle Of The Veggie Burgers
The launch of the Veggie DeLuxe.
Here's Health Magazine, June 96

Seven Nuggets and You Are Out
Crew member is sacked over two extra pieces of McNuggets
Guardian, 29th May 96

McDonald's Ties Deal With Disney.
McDonald's makes 'historic' deal with Diney for rights to serve junk food at parks.....
Financial Times, 24th May 96

Lessons With a Logo 'Tainted By Advertising'.
Businesses attempts to infiltrate schools with learning packs
Independent, 24th May 96

McDonald's Gets Its Teeth Into Durban
McDonald's expands into South Africa
Durban, 19th May 96, South Africa

Now Serving: Boomer Burgers
McDonald's attempts to cash in further on the baby boom generation.
USA Today, 10th May 96, USA

McDonald's Introduces 'Adult Burger'
Launch of the 'Arch DeLuxe'
MSN News New York, 10th May 96, USA

Bigger Bite of Britain for McDonald's
How good McDonald's are doing ... Then a counter as to their 'sluggishness'.
Observer, 5 May 96

Don't Put Your Trust In McDonald's
McDonald's still using British beef after announcement of change over BSE
Hampstead, May 96

Force Pays Up For Wrongful Arrest
Police forced to pay 2,000stlg to anti-McD protestor
Echo, May 96

McDonald's 'Strategies For Global Domination'
McD's expansion plans.
McD Annual Report, May 96

McDonald's Spy Satellites Plot Expansion
How McDonald's are using satellite images to calculate population densities and changing habitation to plot expansion plans.
Arlington (Virginia), 4th May 96, USA

Wimpy Lifts Its Ban On British Beef
BSE Beef ban starts to crumble.
Times, 3rd May 96

McDonald's Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy
McDonald's refuse to release details of how many people they serve a day.
Claire Cummings, 3rd May 96, USA

Sealright designs sauce system for McDonald's in South Africa and China

Kansas City Business Journal (USA), April 26, 96

Deal Paves Way For McDonald's
Local community lose out to McD store
Denver Post, 18th April 96

Olympic rings better-known than McDonald's arches.
McDonald's come second only to the Olympic rings in worldwide recognition
Orlando Business Journal (USA), April 12th, 96

McDonald's taps Donahue as asst. VP for govt. Relations
Ex-assistant to Governor is now McDonald's man in Washington.
Nation's Restaurant News (USA), Apr 8, 96

McDonald's Outlets in Delhi and Mumbai
Outlining McD's plans for India in the near future
Indian Times, 27th March 96

Man Takes Bite Out of Fast Food Sandwich - and Gulps Down Half a Rodent
Story about man eating McRibb only to find he is eating a dead animal
Weekly World News, 7 July 92

Opening of McDonald's Stalled
More about the Jamaican court action with McDonald's vs McDonald's.
Nation, 22 March 96, Jamaica

Dutch Look To Eastern Europe For Veal Calves

Dutch Business News, March 96

McDonald's Try To 'Rape' Bermuda
Report on local opposition to McDonald's plans in Bermuda
Reuters, March 96

Boerum Hill Big Mac Attack
Article on local opposition to a new McD store in Brooklyn
New Yorker (USA), 25 March 96

Big Mac Pays Out 283m. Lire for Foothold In Pizza Land
McD's purchase of Italy's main burger chain in order circumvent planning laws
Guardian, 23rd March 96

McDonald's Ban British Beef
Article on Dutch McD ban of British beef
Daily Mirror, 23 March 96

Advert Girl Is Veggie ......
Jocular news item
Daily Mirror, 23 March 96

Stop Eating Beef, says Consumer Association
Giving yet another warning over the safety of beef
PA News Agency, 22nd March

McDonald's says Standards Exceed IUK Safety Limits

Reuters News Agency, 21st March 96

Sorted McGarbage Burned
McD's recycling scheme in Sweden failing to operate
Soder om Soder, 20th March 96

Cow Carcass Blocks McDonald's Drive Thru
Protest report
ARDAC Press Release, 20 March 96

Locals Don't Relish Site Chosen By McDonald's
Local anger over proposed store
Newsday, 14 March 96 (USA)

Electrocuted - Safety Probe At McDonald's
McDonald's safety standards investigated after another worker is killed
Melbourne Sunday Age, 10 March 96

McDonald's Expansion Plans

ARC News, March 96

Internet Info Accepted In Court
McLibel evidence from Internet ruled admissable in Jamaican court
Gleanor, 23 Feb 96, Jamaica

The Mad Cow Deceit
UK Government and the BSE scandal
Daily Express, 18 Feb 96

McDonald's Set To Defend Trade Mark and Name In Court

Reuters, Jan 96

McDonald's To Accelerate Growth Rate
Piece on the cancerous growth of McDonald's
Wall Street Journal, Jan 22, 95

Ronald McDonald under Mac-attack!
Article on Kids Against Big Mac
Willesden &, Brent Chronicle, 4 Jan 96

Very Golden Arches
Predicting a rosy future for McDonald's
Forbes, 1st Jan 96, USA

Which Is More Useful?
Piece on case in Auberon Waugh column
Daily Telegraph, 11 Dec 95

McDonald's Can Smell Success in China
McDonald's salivate at the prospects in China
Asian Wall Street Journal, 3rd Dec 95

Kentucky Fried Chicken Protests in India
Short report on anti-KFC activities in Bharat
Ecologist, Nov/Dec 95

McDonalds teaching aid is 'brainwashing'
Article on McDonald's Education Packs
Today, 13 Nov 95

Parallel Worlds Fight For The Globe
Long article on Management Summit '95 and the protests outside
Guardian, 11 Nov 95

Sewage In Big Mac Kitchen
News item on evidence of ex-employee
Daily Mirror, 31 Oct 95

McDonald's staff 'worked among sewage'
Coverage of evidence given by ex-employee
Independent, 31 Oct 95

Sewage On McDonald's Kitchen Floor: Ex-Worker
News item on evidence of ex-employee
Press Association, 30 Oct 95

Children told: Come to school and win a burger
Article on McDonald's moves in schools
Lancashire Evening Post, 18 Oct 95

McDonald's Accused of Blatant Racism
News item on evidence of ex-employee
Evening Standard, 18 Oct 95

Animal Rights Protest At McDonald's
Article on protest in Dublin
Irish Times, 17 Oct 95

Burger Battalions Fire Their Big Buns
Feature on fast-food chains' expansion plans
Observer, 15 Oct 95

McSued In Malaysia .....
Libel case in Malaysia
Malayan Journal, 29th Sept 95

Mc China
Small piece on McDonald's in China
A and M, International News, Sept 95

McDonald's coming to Banska Bystrica
Bratislava's red tape discourages fast food giant
SLOVAK, July 19 - 1 August 95

Big Mac Has Big Plans
McDonald's expansion pland for India
Sunday MID-DAY, 30 July 95

The Big Mac
Feature article on opposition to McDonald's
Independent, 10 June 95

McDonald's Libel Defendants Bring Protest To U.S.
Newsagency report on protest on McDonald's 40th Anniversary
Reuters, 15 April 95

Vet's Fears Over McDonald's Beef
Article on evidence of food safety witness
Guardian, 31 March 95

A burger and fries for class spying eyes
Article on McDonald's moves in schools
Daily Telegraph, 15 Feb 95

Burger bribery - Primary school children being bribed to grass on school vandals
Fancy a burger? Grass on friend
London Tonight, 15 Feb 95

Red Cross loses NHS cafe to McDonald's
Short article on McDonald's attempt to open outlet in Glasgow hospital
Times, 14 Feb 95

Duke takes Big Mac to task
Short article on Brazilian beef shipments and Prince Philip
Independent, 27 Jan 95

Reading, writing, McDonald's
Short article on McDonald's moves in schools
Daily Post North Wales, 12 Dec 12 94

A Brief History
Chronology of McDonald's
Daily Telegraph, 2 Oct 94

McDonalds 'Deceived Customers'
Article on evidence of Assistant Attorney General of Texas
Guardian, 16 Sept 94

McDonald's Adverts Were Misleading
Short report on some evidence on advertising and nutrition
Independent, 20 July 94

Fast Food Giant Justifies Packaging
Short report on McDonald's evidence on environmental effects of packaging
Indpendent, 8 July 94

McDonald's 'Exploiting Children'
Short report on cross-examination of McDonald's UK President
Independent, 6 July 94

McDonald's Chief Defends Fast Food
Short report on evidence of McDonald's UK President
Independent, 5 July 94

McDonald's Chief Refuses To Reveal Pay In Libel Trial
Short report on cross-examination of McDonald's UK President
Independent, 2 July 94

Big Mac Chief Says His Burgers Are Safe
Report on evidence of McDonald's UK President
Independent, 1 July 94

In The Land Of French Fry, Study Finds Problems
The quest by McDonald's to make perfect uniform french fries has come at a big cost according to new report on the potato processing industry.
The New York Times, February 7 1994