Daily Mirror (UK) 28th September 1996

McDonald's seem to have only one purpose in life: to make as much money as possible by eradicating local gastronomy throughout the world, replacing ethnic cuisine with a single, global bun.

This week, the beef giant has been busily putting the "bull" back into bullying. Not content with pursuing the longest civil trial in British history (a libel case now in its second year and generating a torrent of adverse publicity), they've now threatened legal action against Mary Blair, owner of a shop called "McMunchies".

Never mind that Mc is an ancient Gaelic word meaning "son of" - nowadays McDonald's apparently claims it owns the world rights to "Mc".

What next? Suing Old McDonald and taking away his farm?

And before they start claioming the moral high ground, perhaps they should look at their own conduct, because at this very moment 'Viz' comic are complaining that McDonald's have been ripping off their "Top Tips" for their own advertising campaigns, without offering to pay the creators the going rate for the McJob.

So here's a McSuggestion. Avoid the McMuck.

Take them at their word, approach a McDonald's drive-thru, drive straight through, and go to McBloody Burger King instead.

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