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19/10/00 . Dave Morris and Helen Steel . The Guardian . UK  
Letter to the Editor  

Your story on anti-McDonald's demonstrations (Protesters try to halt rise of fast-food giant in Italy, October 17) gives a taste of the growing global opposition to the company, marked by protests in over 20 countries on Monday, UN World Food Day. To understand how this has arisen, we need to look at what has happened over the last few years.

Contrary to the impression you give, the opposition to McWorld is well-informed, popular and goes to the heart of their business practices. We were amused to read that McDonald's "successfully" sued us. They brought the McLibel case to defend their reputation, but it was left in tatters. The high court ruled that they "exploit children" with their marketing, "help to depress wages in the catering industry" and cause "cruelty to animals".

Local community opposition to the siting of new stores has also spread widely. It's not surprising that they have become a symbol of popular anger against corporate power and capitalism in general.

Helen Steel and Dave Morris London  
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