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02/10/03 . author unknown . The Harrow Observer . UK  
Drive-Thru Plan Withdrawn  
A pioneering residents' group which fought a four-year campaign against a McDonald's restaurant becoming a drive-thru is celebrating after the company decided not to launch a final appeal.  

The Observer reported in March that Harrow Council's planning committee had turned down an application for the facility at McDonald's in Shaftesbury Circle, South Harrow, after more than 900 people signed a petition against it.

Members of the Shaftesbury Community Against McDonald's (SCAM) argued it would promote car use and represent a danger to pupils at Whitmore High School.

Now, SCAM members have learnt McDonald's has decided not to appeal against the decision. Secretary of SCAM, Judy Day, said "We were on tenterhooks until the appeal deadline on September 17. I'm absolutely delighted. This is a victory for common sense."

Deputy leader of the council and ex-chairman of the planning committee, Navin Shah, congratulated SCAM on the victory, hailing the group as an example to others in the UK. He said "SCAM's ground-breaking campaign was based on strong planning arguments and represents a very positive aspect of communities working for their own benefit within planning rules."

A spokeswoman for McDonald's said of its decision:"We decided it would not be financially viable for us to proceed with an appeal."  
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