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29/12/01 . author unknown . A-Infos News Service . France  
Strike at McDonald's in Paris  

Have you ever worked in fish n' chips-joints, fast-food kitchens, restaurants or the popcorn-corner of a cinema-center? As a cook, waitress, kitchen-help or pouring out Coca Cola?

In that case you can imagine the joy we felt hearing about the strike in Paris!

We document a leaflet from prols for never-ending mclunchbreaks which has been handed out to workers at Rhein and Ruhr together with a leaflet from Paris (sorry, this one just in French and German).

McDoIt. Any time is a good time for a strike!

Struggling at the French-Fries-Front
On the Strike at McDonald's in Paris...


(21.12.01 / leaflet from the "prols for never-ending mclunchbreaks")

Why we distribute this?

On one hand in order to come to terms with the past, because we need to take revenge on Ronald McDo. for the smell of fat of the french fries, that even months after our McJob still stuck to our McHairs... and unnecessarily prolonged our existence as a single (being without a lover).

On the other hand because as revolutionary proletarians we think it is necessary to circulate the experiences of struggles among the workers in different sectors. We need this exchange so that the bosses can not play us off against each other (branch against branch, site against site...).

We do not distribute this because we think McDonald's is particularily exploitative. Who has worked in a Doner Kebab-joint, on construction sites, in call centers or as a cleaner knows that it is not much different there. But through its worldwide expansion McDonald's has become a symbol: a symbol for global exploitation of us workers. In Moscow, Shanghai or Buenos Aires, we all suffer from having to work more and get less pay. In this situation it is important to note that workers in different countries fight against the conditions at McDonald's: That is a sign for the global struggle for a new world!

We distribute this, because we do not want to leave the struggle to some apparatus. The McDo-wage (in Germany) of just over 11 DM (5,50 Euro) was a result of the unions collective agreement. That shows what we have to expect from that side.

We have enough possiblities ourselves to fight against lousy pay or work stress: from organised work-to-rule (slowly...) to strike... and often something just falls to the ground or just breaks or goes wrong "by mistake"...

Nothing is impossible!

Here is also a short version of this text in the leaflet (just in German):

Arbeitsamt Koeln liefert McDonald's billige Lohnsklaven. Mit Androhung von Sperrzeiten werden Arbeitslose zur Drecksarbeit bei McDonald's fuer 11,10 brutto gezwungen...

[The Job-Center in Cologne provides cheap wage-slaves for McDonald's. Threatened with the cutting of their benefits, unemployed are forced to do the shitty work at McDonald's for 11,10 DM (before tax)...]

Here is a link for all English-speakers with more infos on the struggles of McDonald's-workers in Britain:

Furthermore, here the text of the leaflet from Paris that was handed out with the rest (just in French and German).

[McSpotlight note: these were unfortunately not included in the report].

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