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29/04/01 . Author unknown . Ananova . UK  
Macca threatens to boycott Evans's show over Big Mac ads  
Sir Paul McCartney is refusing to be a guest on Chris Evans's Virgin Breakfast Show because the DJ advertises McDonald's.  

Vegetarian McCartney had agreed to appear on the May 11 show, but is now threatening to cancel, reports The Sun.

Evans signed a 250,000 sponsorship deal with the burger giant since the arrangement was made.

The DJ regularly plugs the chain, eats their breakfasts live on air and gives away prizes of a year's supply of McDonald's food.

McCartney has told Virgin he will only appear on the show if they ban the breakfast on that day, and guarantee there will be no mention of McDonald's.

His spokesman Geoff Baker said: "It doesn't take a genius to work out that McCartney and McDonald's don't mix. We don't sleep with the enemy so we're certainly not going to wake up with them on a breakfast show."

Virgin's chief executive John Pearson insisted: "We'd love Paul to appear on the station. While we respect his views, as a commercial station we have a commitment and loyalties to our sponsors."

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