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23/07/04 . by unknown . Cambridge News . UK  
Restaurant closure may mean new homes  
McDonald's fast food restaurant in Madingley Road, Cambridge, is expected to close at the end of the month to make way for new homes.  

The company said the closure was a commercial decision and all 30 members of staff would be relocated to its other two city restaurants in Newmarket Road and Rose Crescent.

Sarah Parkes, McDonalds' regional communication officer, said: "The decision to close the restaurant was taken following a commercial decision. There won't be any redundancies - all employees have been re-located to restaurants in the local area.

"We are not planning to open any new restaurants in the area at the moment, as we feel that we have already got good representation in Cambridge."

Peter Carter, the council's principal development control manager, said: "The site has outline planning permission for a residential development.

"We have already had one or two informal discussions with property developers about the land."

The restaurant in Madingley Road caused controversy when it opened in December 1998, with local residents voicing concerns about potential noise, litter and traffic affecting nearby houses.

On hearing of its closure, the residents on adjacent Bulstrode Gardens admitted they would prefer a housing development, but many conceded that, despite occasional litter and traffic problems, the restaurant had not caused as many problems as anticipated.

Blanche Channing said: "I have to be honest, they have caused me no problems, but I'd prefer private housing really."

Reg Prescott said: "We have had problems with them, such as smells from the kitchens. We had a campaign when they first came, but they have probably been slightly better neighbours than we feared."

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