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08/07/01 . CBC . CBC . Canada  
MONTREAL--A series of attacks against a fast-food chain in Montreal left police baffled Saturday.  

In a span of less than an hour, vandals set fires in washrooms, flower pots and garbage cans at seven McDonald's restaurants.

All of the outlets remained open, and managers were told not to talk to reporters.

Later, an explosion forced the evacuation of a subway station where an eighth McDonald's is located. But it was not clear whether this incident was related. One person was injured.

There is speculation that the vandalism may be linked to a campaign to unionize the chain's workers.

But labour leaders deny any involvement. The Confederation of National Trade Unions denounced the attacks.

Last fall, workers at one McDonald's franchise in downtown Montreal received union accreditation. But the owner closed the restaurant down in April. It would have been the chain's first unionized outlet in North America.

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