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31/08/01 . by Paul . Indymedia . UK  
Protest against New McLabour in Brighton  
Local activists protest against New Labour's McDonalds link  

Dozens of activists from the Green Party, Socialist Alliance and Globalise Resistance will be protesting outside McDonalds in Western Road tomorrow (Saturday) after plans were announced that the fast food giant would be sponsoring events at this autumn's Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Green Party councillor Keith Taylor will be one of those present at the protest.

University of Brighton lecturer and NATFHE union chair Tom Hickey commented,

"This is an insult to all in the labour movement. McDonald's is an icon of corporate greed, foul working conditions and environmental destruction.

"If Tony Blair wants McDonalds at the conference, then I want to see a McDonalds worker address delegates about experiences of low pay, long hours and bullying management."

A McDonalds franchise in Surrey was fined 12,400 last month after admitting 20 offences of illegally employing children aged 15 and 16. The court heard that one school pupil had worked a 16-hour Saturday shift and another until 2am on a schoolday.

Brighton & Hove Globalise Resistance activist Christine Bird said

"This announcement makes it clear what New Labour are about. Their conference is becoming known as 'McLabour Conference'.

"There's increasing enthusiasm for the protest and carnival planned for Sunday 30 September in Brighton where thousands of people will tell Tony Blair to put people before profit."

Press reports suggest that over 10,000 people will be decending on Brighton on Sunday 30 September to protest at Labour's conference.

Tomorrow's protest at McDonalds will take place outside the Western Road branch in Brighton, starting at 2pm.

Protesters will have placards and banners condemning the link between the Labour Party & McDonalds.

Contacts on the day: Christine Bird 07930 959839 / Keith Taylor: 07966 528944  
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