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22/05/00 . not known . Media Release . Melbourne, Australia  
McDonald's 'cannibalism' case comes to court  

The case of dual McDonald's franchisee, Rod Hackett v McDonald's Australia is scheduled to begin in the Supreme Court of Victoria next Monday 22/5/00.

The case which is founded on Mr Hackett's allegations of poor corporate governance by McDonald's will bring into sharp focus local and international issues such as:

- The legal relationship between licensor and licensee

- The policy of 'franchise cannibalism' (setting up restaurants in close proximity to existing franchises without first offering the licence to the affected licensee) allegedly pursued internationally by the Corporation

- The future of franchising as a viable alternative for small business

A committed McDonald's man, Rod Hackett, will be assisted in the presentation of his case by Robert Zarco, legal adviser to disaffected franchisees of McDonald's and other franchisors (eg. Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut).

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